His tears have compelled me again.

I could not understand his feelings…..nor I could imagine what was in his heart for long time. I simply could imagine his feelings…could simply drop a few tear drops from my eyes also while he was shedding his tears in his mother’s arm.The whole atmosphere became so emotional that every body followed the same path who were present out there at the studio or who were watching the Live program like me.

Kishan Upadhyay, about whom I wrote in one of my previous blogs, have finally reunited with his lost family at the News Live studio. That waiting was over ultimately with a very emotional and heart touching moment….that moment which we could simply watch or we could simply assume.

Honestly speaking, I have not seen such type of situation or have not listened such type of story line in some one’s real life. Whatever I can imagine those pictures in movies only whose plots are not real in the real sense. One mother may get back his lost son after years back whom she lost in the grand Kumbh Mela or whom she lost in the busy streets of Mumbai or some platforms. But in the real life, this sort of story lines are really unbelievable.

Just like Kishan’s word…it’s some thing which he could say a Fairy Tale. Beyond which he even could not imagine what he got in that news channel studio yesterday. News live has made a historical scenario by completing their adventure in searching Kishan’s lost family. But more than that, I think News Live has given lives to those people who were alive, but with the artificial breath in their language; who were complete but still incomplete; who got every thing, but still missing some thing… was amazing as Kishan said the first word after meeting his mother with a heavy mind and heart… with a never ending emotions which he carried for 42 long years.

He once again shared every thing on the screen how he became the Professor of the Duke University, USA from the street boy in Kathmandu.

Once again, I simply wish Kishan and his reunited family a secure life ahead with full of joy and happiness.

Kishan with his mother and sister

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The Full Moon at the Circle

She liked poetry. He also liked it. They recited their own poetry together in their university days, which were the golden days of her life…..she realizes it now. She realizes those beautiful moments when she does not get enough time to remind them, she realizes them when she gets involved so badly in her married life’s daily problems. She still writes poetry, but now her husband does not have enough time to listen them…who once was mad for those poetry. She got surprised at her husband’s indifferent attitude towards her poetry, who once was crazy about her half written poetry also.

She simply lives her life by taking the breaths as usual with an as usual daily routine. She does not think it life….for her, life is what she had at her university days with the same person as lover who is now her husband. Now they are passing their time in the same house, but with different life style. They are simply house mates, not the soul mates; they share the same room only…not the affection which they had before.

One day she came across with a person at one nursing home where she got admitted by him after an accident. He met her with a bunch of flower at their first meeting for which she was crying before her husband many days. She loves flowers, but her husband is never in the mood of giving her the same. In fact, he gets irritated in her poetry also rather than to listen them. Her husband argues that time has changed…now its not the suitable time to write poetry, to recite poetry or to listen poetry. He becomes so busy in his professional life that now he even can not think about poetry.

But she has not changed herself….she is the same what she was in her past life. So she again falls in love with life….with words…with poetry…but this time not with her husband, but with that person who is a POET by profession and who gave rebirth her life.

This is the story line of one short film which I watched yesterday at Rang channel.

Yes, this is true…this sort of life lines may survive in many closed flats in almost all the cities…where the life runs so fast and hectic that people has not enough time to think beyond their profession.

I still remember when my room mate said that she forgot how to sing….who was once the best singer in her college days. Whose singing touched many people’s heart and mind like me in our hostel days. I came to listen many unknown songs of Jayanta Hazarika only by her singing. To be very honest, I felt sorry for her when she told that she forgot almost all the songs because there was nobody to encourage her singing after her marriage.

I personally felt very difficult to survive in a materialistic city like Mumbai at my first few days just after my landing. I could not adjust with the hectic routines of my husband…because for me life is not meant to take our regular breaths. For me life is more beyond that. I also have a busy professional life…but in between I like to enjoy my life also.

But slowly, I started adjusting myself with this busy city and with my busy life also. My husband never discourages me whatever I am doing…may it be my boring blog writing habit also, may it be my worst paintings also or may it be my Mathematics books also. He supports everything in which I get my pleasure. He provides me whatever I want. But he can not manage his time to accompany me. So I started consoling myself and preparing myself mentally for whatever I am doing there may not be my husband’s presence….I started feeling his presence spiritually rather than his physical presence.

My husband may not be with me in enjoying the Full Moon in the open sky or the heavy rains in which I like to lose myself. But still I enjoy them…still I like to be in those heavenly moments.

After all, we have to run our life….what do you say???

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He touched my heart…..honestly

He simply remembers her face in a hazy picture….he forgot almost all the moments spent with her. But still he is in the hope of meeting her again once in his life. He is searching every where her face….he is listening every where minutely in the hope of that voice which he heard long 42 years back. He never thinks that she may be no more in this world. His heart always speaks to him that he will definitely meet her in his life…..may it be for the last time or may it be that she can not recognize him at their meeting.

Yes, I am talking about Kishan Upadhyay….he is the Associate Professor of one University in USA. He met one of his school friend in Facebook to whom he opened his most secret wish which he was carrying all the time in his heart. He has been searching for his mother and sister whom he left 42 years back.

His mother was an Assamese who left him at some relatives’ house along with his sister due to some unavoidable circumstances. At that time Kishan was a kid…at that age he could not understand what could be the reason for which his mother left them at some one’s place leaving her husband. Kishan and his sister simply kept waiting for their mother for several years. But she did not return back to that place. Due to some unspoken circumstances, some one took these brother and sister to Kathmandu, Nepal, where they started their new life passing through terrible struggles of their life. Kishan started working at hotels as hotel boy. But he could not continue that for long time….he was to leave that job.

At his jobless time, he started collecting the garbages from the roads of Kathmandu for his hungry stomach. At that time, he was with his sister Maya Devi. But very unfortunately, one day he fell down on the road due to his weak health and he was taken to the hospital by some one. But after his release from that hospital, he did not find his sister. She had also left him without his knowledge.

From that day, Kishan started searching his family silently every where. He was taken at one Orphanage from where he started his education life. Kishan had proved the meaning of the statement “Where there is a WILL, there is a WAY.” He got the highest achievements in his career and one day got settled down in US accepting the opportunities given by the United States of America. Now Kishan is a well settled citizen of America with his American wife and their two kids.
But still he is incomplete without his mother’s face, without his sister’s helping hand. He believes so….that’s why he keeps on searching them every where and praying for them silently in the hope that one day they will definitely reunite at some place, but does not know when, how, where???

His Facebook School friend suggested him to contact News Live, the local News channel of Guwahati through which he could get some informations about the whereabout and about the survival of his lost family. Accordingly, News Live arranged one program only because of Kishan’s pathetic life story which might touch many people’s heart and might help him in searching his lost family. News Live stepped forward also to give the message of Kishan to his lost family through that program.

Surprisingly, just after few days of that program, News Live got the success in searching Kishan’s sister, who claimed herself like that mentioning many lines of their life of togetherness. Now it was Kishan’s responsibility to identify his sister…he recognized her very well in the TV screen with whom he was disconnected for long years. That was really a dramatic moment for every one presented out there and for the audience also who were watching that program like me. I was really getting emotional of the meeting of those brother and sister who spoke to each other in their mother tongue Nepali through the TV screen sitting at two different corners of the world….one was at Tinsukia, Upper Assam and another was at some place of USA.

Through his sister Maya Devi, News live was informed about the present status Kishan’s mother. Now she is in Kathmandu with the step brother of Kishan….Kishan’s mother Umoti Devi got married with another person due to some unspoken reasons which she did not want to disclose in the TV screen. That day, the TV screen was covered by three faces…Kishan, his mother and his sister…all were at totally different parts of the world. They talked to each other and Kishan promised to meet his family very shortly in that next week after completing the necessary jobs to fly from USA to Assam.

Now Kishan is coming to Assam and News Live will telecast live the complete moment of this lost family’s reunion. Kishan’s life really touched my heart….it compelled my tears to come out from the core of my heart without my knowledge. I am simply waiting for the time of their meeting after long 42 years.

May GOD bless Kishan and his reunited family.

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Never ask for his wife..

I truly believe in God….I like to pray Him regularly at every Morning and Evening. Some times I use my praying habit to blackmail my husband also, whenever I want some breaks from my kitchen. I use to blackmail him offering that if he would pray the Tumi Sitto Britti Muro like me, then I would never ask him to enter the Kitchen!!!! My husband silently starts cooking whatever I want…because to pray like me is the toughest, in fact impossible for him in his entire life, rather than to cook some thing for me!!!

But honestly he accompanies me whatever I want to celebrate at home…may it be Ganesh Puja, Janmastami, Saraswati Puja, Lakshmi Puja or The Satyanarayan. It is said that when you are invited for the Satynarayan Puja, you have to attend that…because Satyanarayan Puja is the most important among the Pujas. So the invitation and the Prasad of this Puja should not be neglected at all.

Last week, I was invited for the Satyanarayan Puja at my Husband’s Office. The puja was completed very coolly and very properly. I personally enjoyed both the puja and the Kathas of the Priest which should be listened during the Puja session. The priest placed many paths to be followed by we people in the modern view point. He placed the puja as the Blue tooth connection with the God, which has to be connected by our sincerity and devotion to Him. By this, we simply have to search Him, if He is in our blue tooth locality, He will be definitely connected with us.

He told us many stories related to God where it was clearly mentioned that we should not run after Money…money can not be replaced by peace. We should ask God the peace, not the money. God is every where all the time to test us, to test our willingness. Lakshmi represents Money and she is the wife of God Narayan, means Bishnu. If we ask Lakshmi, God Bishnu would be upset on us….because no body would be happy if his wife would be asked by some one else. So better invite God Bishnu, His wife Lakshmi would automatically come with Him to your home.

At the end, the Priest said every one a very interesting quotation….Ghar me Sofa set, TV set, Dining set sab kuch hain, Phir bhi log upset hain… first be happy your self, then the other SETS would come automatically to you.


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I am honestly Selfish

I like the advertisement of the Gujarat Tourism by the Bollywood star Amitabh Bachchan. Gujarat tourism becomes more attractive and demanding for the people by this sort of steps. I personally appreciate Gujarat Government for this intelligent step to get attracted and focused by the world. Undoubtedly Gujarat has its own rich heritage which should be given proper importance and should be preserved properly also.

But still, I can say that Assam has its own beauty and dignity in terms of culture itself. Assam is not behind of any other state in heritage and culture. But we are always carrying a question mark in our mind regarding its position at the both National and International platform. We are not confirmed about how many people of our country know about our culture, about our custom or about the community also. I am quite doubtful with the rest of the Indian people about the knowledge of our land. Some times, I even have to explain them about the exact location of our home land on the India map….which honestly hurts me a lot.

If people are searching our Assam on the India map at the south part or some where else, then it is obviously the most embarrassing moment for we people. We have to get recognized first through the eyes of our own country people, and then it can be placed at the International platform. We, all the Assamese people, should first try to place ourselves in the eyes of every one in our country, should introduce our very own culture, should make them realized about our rich heritage and then only we can enrich our heritage more than before.

Once we got recognized properly by the world, then the good judgment of preserving our culture will come automatically to the heart of every Assamese people. To get focused in the eyes of the rest of the people, we should follow some steps like Gujarat Government who did not leave a single step behind to place its heritage in front of the world. We should be rich enough not only by our culture but also by the infrastructure.

I simply ask our Assam tourism to think for our culture again seriously.


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Double proxy

Double proxy may be meant differently for different people….in fact it may carry the meaning of double crossing also which is totally out of the track on which I am going to share my feelings. I can not understand why people are using the term as Double Crossing to represent some one’s extra marital affairs. In one of the episodes of Laughter Challenge, the comedy program in Sony, one participant said that girls had a very narrow heart in comparison to the boys as they kept only ONE in their heart for the entire life(??????). But boys have a very broad heart as they can keep SEVERAL at a time in their heart!!!!! I have no comments regarding the concept of double crossing or whatever else…in fact I have nothing to say about other’s personal feelings…I simply respect what others feel comfortable in their personal life.

My double proxy is some thing very different in its way. I experienced it in my college life. I think for most of the students, college life is not a life where you can not bunk the classes. Class bunking has its own charm….I believe that students enjoy a lot in bunking the classes rather than to attend them. Exceptions may also be there….I can not say straight away that cent percent students bunk the classes. So far I remember, one of our class mates got awarded for his cent percent attendance in his college life.

But still I can say that students like to bunk some of the classes in their student life. To be very honest I also bunked my classes some times….one day, it was only to watch the movie Titanic with my friend Rituporna. Though bunking classes is not a good habit, still students at our time, like to roam the Pan bazar area or to be in the college canteen or to move to the cinema halls….I felt so.

In my major classes, I did not like to attend one particular sir’s class due to his rudeness….he treated his students as his ancestral enemies with whom he was bound to interact some how. One day, I was scolded very badly by him due to my continuous bunks for three days. He noticed that I was present at the morning classes but absent in his after noon classes.

The day I was scolded was that day when I wore the Salwar Kamiz for the first time in my college life. As my normal out fit was the Jeans and T-shirt all the time, so he could catch me easily. That day was really terrific for me as he kept scolding me for continuous 15 minutes and my friends also had to digest the words only because of me. After the class, my friends suggested me like the “Umbrella after the rain” that why I did not sit at the last benches as usual instead of sitting at the first bench on that day!!!

Whenever we had to bunk classes, we kept searching for some one who could give the proxy against our Roll numbers…..because at our time the term NC (Non-Collegiate) and DC (Dis-Collegiate) were the most Horrible terms we had ever faced in our life. If some body got any of these, their life would go to the hell by losing one complete year. Students were very much conscious about the English subject, because at that time we had Dr. Deben Dutta as the the HOD who did not listen a single word of the students who suffered from AC or DC. So we tried our level best to attend every English classes only because of our so called attendance. Rest of the subjects were also a bit tensed for us, but English seemed to be some thing very Horrible for we people.

Any way, only to escape from the AC or DC, we kept searching some one very trusted who did not forget to give the proxy against our Roll numbers. I also gave proxy against my friends and my friends also gave the same in return. We people were dependent on each other…we could not ignore others…who knew every body would be required at the time of our need.(???)

I still remember the day of the double proxy against my Roll number when my two friends shouted together as “Present Mam”. My friends were about to get caught for that, but intelligently and bravely of course, my friend Chandana stood up when madam asked my Roll number again. That was my fault to appoint two persons for one job….as the first appointed one asked me to appoint some body else as he would also be absent at that class. So I had to appoint Chandana for that. But unfortunately the first one came to the class and he wanted to help me also(???)….that’s why there were two persons’ voice against one Roll number.

Another day, our sir got quite puzzled about the gender of my Roll number, because so far he knew the name STUTI stood for the female gender, but the attendant’s voice was a male voice. The whole class laughed loudly when he asked whether Stuti was a boy or girl!!!!!

Though the proxy job seemed to be very interesting for we people at our college life, but we could not follow the same at our university life….and still I can not do the same. Because we know proxy is not a good habit, we should not give the authority to some one for whatever we are….what do you say???

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My concept of attachment

A couple of days before, I had an argument with my friend regarding the value of a True love. He updated his facebook status mentioning that today, there is no value of real love. I have argued with him pointing that I have still in believe of True and Sacred love. I believe in the spirituality of any love…may it be with my life partner, with my mother, with my family members or with my friends also.

I generally give the logic that people have fallen in love, not have been loved. If some one has been loved, then it is not love for me…it is a compromise(Samjhota). Love can be with any one…with your friends, with some one whom you are not meeting till date. My junior asked me about the meaning of my blog “Priyo Bandhu: Ekti Nichok Prem r katha”. She did not understand the meaning of the love between two Priyo Bandhu (good friend). This love is some thing beyond some body’s imagination who has the concept of Love between two persons that can be only husband and wife.

I was impressed when Nibedita and her friends cancelled their much exciting Kaziranga trip only because of their friend’s sudden ill ness. We all the hostel boarders knew about it that they were very much prepared for their trip. But at the eleventh hour, they had cancelled all their arrangements and instead of enjoying in the trip, they all became busy with the treatments of their friend at the Nursing Home. That was the way I understood the actual meaning of love…the love for their friendship…their sacred and spiritual attachment with each other.

But I have a very bitter experience when that was not with me. I had seen people enjoying the Grand Birthday party of their hostel mate just after when I got the news of my father’s expiry. Those friends were my the then friends who were there with me all the time, except at my set back. They accompanied me in enjoying the movies, in roaming the city, in asking my help regarding their jobs…..but could not give their company when I was alone weeping for my father’s passing away.

I am still believing in the spiritual attachment of my friends, of my near and dear ones. I have the full dedication with my friendships at my level best and giving my salutes to the friends like Nibedita who could invest their life for their friendships.


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