25 Sep

Once, Zubeen Garg, stopped his one friend at the midst of the conversation……because his friend was explaining very proudly different prices of the different brands of his out fits in which he felt himself very esteemed that day. Other friends of that group were listening whatever he said about those brands.

Zubeen was silent till the moment of his impatience. When the things crossed its limit, Zubeen simply said his friend that branded works should be important for someone rather than the branded outfits which could be bought by any one. The works by which you can be in every one’s heart and mind and by which you can do good deeds for at least one person, then your life would be something worthy to be lived. Your branded outfit is not important…..your work is important. Zubeen showed his friend his very cheap shirts and pants which he bought from the foot path of Mumbai and in which he was very comfortable at all the time and more importantly in which he never felt to be ashamed of himself.

I listened to the above incident of Zubeen regarding his concepts about the works from my friend who was also present at that time. Frankly speaking, I was really impressed about the thoughts of Zubeen. I also believe in works, not the extra things which we people try to show others very frequently.

My husband always says that great men never focus themselves by their physical appearance…..their works are the identity for them for which they ignore the other things.

But still I like to be in good and attractive out fits…..but honestly this is not my only preference to live my life. I am surprised to see the fast growing culture of Guwahati, where people like to show others first than to look at themselves. My sister says to me that we can be in simple living in Mumbai because nobody looks at us. But here in Guwahati, they have to maintain a status only to show others, otherwise people may raise questions on their status!!!!

Simple living in Mumbai!!!!!

People prefer to be in simple living, because Mumbai is the most high-born and fashionable city in the entire country. People like to be economy because they know the value of money and the shortage of everything. In Mumbai, people have seen both wealth and poverty……they meet people in Marcedez Benz or BMW and on the same road; they have met people collecting the wastage foods from some roadside Garbage dustbin also. They have seen people working hard to get one simple shelter in Mumbai.

That’s why they have given importance to their works, not the branded outfit which they may not deserve to be. My mother always gives importance to the use value rather than the price value. Price is not important, if the usage of that item is not necessary.

But honestly, here in Guwahati, I have noticed, people feel proud in purchasing something in high price rather than its actual price. Today, I went to the Goenka, GS road, where I noticed this sort of environment. Some people were busy on whether other people were noticing them or not. They wanted to show something extra in purchasing cloths which identified their personalities very clearly. I became sorry for those people who gave the chances to the businessmen very badly to crook the common people. Because for some one’s showy behavior may hamper some other common people who may not be in that position to purchase their most essential things.

Honestly, I found myself to be very backward who never supported to pay the high price without a second thought only to show my status. Because I believe, whatever I am, my status is showed by my personality and my works, not by my outfits. I want to be known by my BRANDED works, which I am trying all the time, not by my physical appearance which I am carrying all the time.


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4 responses to “Brand

  1. Ricky

    September 25, 2011 at 5:56 pm

    It seems now now a days, in anywhere you take the way to tell about Mumbai as the best place in India. And in this way you try to compare Guwahati with Mumbai. I am not discouraging you and not trying to tell you that you did it intentionaly, but I noticed it and think that as a friend I should try to take this matter to your notice. Anyway take it positively. I am and will be your fan of this blog. Try to contact me. I am not getting your no. here.

    • stuti ranjeet konwar

      September 26, 2011 at 8:15 am

      I always appreciate the good qualities……whether it is about my home land or the other places………..because we have to answer outside the horrible queries of my homeland…hope you understand my feelings

  2. Dixa

    April 30, 2012 at 7:11 am

    I have read your articles in ‘Pranteek’ and other leading Assamese dailies.Recently I read an article where you mentioned about your experiences with some ‘EXTREMELY BUSY’ people and some BUSY
    but HELPFUL people.. Your article really touched my heart… And I pesonally feel that you are an in
    spiration for us….Hope we can contact


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