Home Sweet Home

24 Sep

I found Indigo airlines to be the worst airlines I have ever travelled by….I must say. This was my second experience…..still I found the same status of the airline’s service. I don’t know why Indigo requires lots of time to do the same jobs which the other airlines do in less time. My first time experience was also horrible, still I booked my ticket only because of its lowest fare which was shown on that particular day. Being from a middle class family, we have to run our life according to our affordable systems rather than to SHOW some thing extra which we are not actually in the real life…..we have to travel always in the economic class, not in the business class.

Anyway, for me, the greatest irritation of this airline is the halting time in Kolkata….it is almost one hour which is really frustrating for everyone who travels from Mumbai to Guwahati. I think Indigo takes the maximum travel time between Mumbai and Guwahati…5 hours 5 minutes…..horrible journey in a complete dry flight.

Still I tried to be refreshed myself in my whole fly as I was on my way to my Home land. Finally I landed in Guwahati, one of my relaxed places in my way. I booked one private taxi to my destination that is Bhangagarh, because after a long fly, generally people are not in a mood to bargain with the taxi drivers at the airport stand or to wait for the other passengers in a shared taxi. I was in a hurry to reach home. But my first barrier was the heavy traffic jam at Jalukbari. I heard the comments about Guwahati at the airport as a very Dirty, Clumsy, polluted and crowded city. I ignored those comments because I guessed those were the newly landed people who had the wrong concept about my city.

But the same comments came automatically from my mouth when I got blocked at the midst of the artificial flood due to the heavy rains at the Lakhtokia area. The moment, when I was at the middle of the 2 feet depth flood and the water was passing through the car, was more horrible than my journey. I simply prayed to God keeping my feet up to the seat, to save my life and luggage. Very bravely, after almost half an hour, the driver got succeeded in crossing that horrible flood.

Yesterday, Guwahati was hit by several artificial floods in many areas. I personally met two of them…one was at the Lakhtokia and the other was at the GS road, the most busy areas in the entire city. This is a common and exhausted problem for the Guwahati people. They use to get adjusted themselves for those artificial floods which may happen after any heavy rains at any time.

I don’t know what is the problem behind…..who should be blamed for the really clumsy and artificial problems of the city. I simply wish to listen good things about my home land and want to continue my RELAXED and CLEAN stay to the end of my holidays, so that next time, people, like me, would not have to be worried to fly to our Homeland…..that’s it.

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One response to “Home Sweet Home

  1. Ishani Ipshita Sarma

    February 18, 2014 at 5:12 pm

    you are really true..same victim


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