22 Sep

Recently I had an argument with my junior at IIT, Bombay. We shared the same Lab as the Department is under renovation, so there is a sitting problem in the entire Department. Professors have to share the same cabin until and unless the renovation gets over. We do not have any problem in sharing the same lab, because our individual sides are quite comfortable in their way. But sometimes we face some problems regarding the key. We have to issue the key from the security booth which is a little bit away from the Department. Our lab’s one side is the server control room……so one professional also share that part. He is very particular about the key as his part is very sophisticated.

Since both of us have the key permission, we manage the key in ourselves. Generally I issue the key because I arrive at the Department early and my junior deposits the key as he leaves the Department late. Things are going smoothly when I maintain my regular routine. Whenever I had to come late, I used to go direct to the Department without going to the security booth. But interestingly, I found the lab closed. So instead of getting puzzled, I started ringing my junior asking about the status of the key and then do the necessary jobs….because my junior never informed me about it at first.

In the last few days, I was running a very hectic schedule at the Department….I did not get a single moment to think for myself….those were my official works. So one day, I forgot to collect the key and went directly to the Department. I found the lab opened because of the other person who looks after the server. I sent my junior one message asking him to collect the key. But after several hours later also, he did not reply me. In between of my works, I had to issue the key…..well, that was really not a matter for me.

What gave me the ultimate irritation was his ignorance of the message. I often noticed he neither replied any messages nor called me back if he found any missed call from my side. I asked him whether he got the message or not…..he replied that he did not see the message yet!!!

I placed one argument that if he is carrying one mobile that does not mean that he ignores the usage of the mobile. Mobile replaces the land line phones only because of its usage so that we cannot miss any calls or any messages. He again replied me that he never responds any missed calls or any messages….his argument were that if the calls were important then the person would call him again. Moreover if he will miss any message also, then also he will not bother for it.

I asked him if the messages which he ignored, carried the message of his parent’s expiry and he would see it after two days…then what would he do for that!!!! He became speechless….this time he could not place any point in front of me.

I have met some people who did not reply any messages…..instead of that, they called that person. That is different…..this does not mean their ignorance of the said messages. But I have met many people who neither reply any messages nor call someone back. My sister never opens her inbox, because she thinks that all the messages are commercial messages…for which she misses many important messages. If you are busy and cannot receive the call, at least send one message telling your status so that the person from the other side may send you something important through the message. If you find any missed call in your mobile, then calling that person back shows your etiquette which focuses your high personality also. This should not be a matter of wasting your money and time.

Some people expect to call them in a regular way in the name of friendship or family relationships…..but they never think that how much they call others asking their days. Whenever my husband opens his facebook account, he says that there is nobody to write something in his wall or say something in his post, whereas I get instant replies against my post. I tell him that it depends on how much he interacts with others profiles. Instead of counting the amount of phone calls from your friends or relatives, if you step forward to their company first, then automatically you will get the similar response.

Instead of waiting for my calls, my mother calls me first asking about my arrival at any place or about my results of important works. Honestly speaking, informing about the whereabouts or any plan was not an important matter for my husband also……but when he noticed that I never missed to inform him about my arrivals or my whereabouts, slowly he started adopting the same habit.

It’s really true that….you will get the same what you give others. So instead of expecting the care and affection from others, start caring and loving other first.

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