The pleasure of some thing

09 Sep

From the time of my remembrance, I have seen the Prantik at our home… is a periodical of Assamese literature which has its own dignity. Prantik was more than a friend for me…..because I knew it from my very childhood and about whose I knew every thing. I knew every article, every subject and every topic which they followed in their pages. I have honestly read many Novels published in the pages of this magazine before they got published in their Book form.

After quite a few years back, Jeevan and Xatxori got published in the print media. I was initially touched with Jeevan while I was in Guwahati. Jeevan is also a very good and relaxing magazine from my view point whereas about Xatxori I know a very little. Still I assumed it also a very high standard and well circulated magazine in Assam.

But it is very true that I am missing these magazines here in Mumbai after the day of my landing over this Metropolitan city. My husband is also a book lover, but there is a very big difference between his choice and my choice of reading. We prefer totally different books……he likes to read the novels by different Famous English writers among whose I found many books written about the professionalism or about the success of life. He is a regular news paper and magazine reader. I have seen him to complete the whole daily news paper at the mid night also.

But I like to read some thing in my mother tongue which gives me some relaxation from my daily stretches of life. I like to read some good and quality story lines which takes me away from this world. I like to go through some poetry which lets me land at some other world where I can spend some of my quality time. But honestly I can not find whatever I want from my reading habit through the books which are not written in my mother tongue. That’s why I do not touch any books which are in my husband’s small and sweet library……may it be the International best seller or may it be by the award winning writer!!!

Yesterday, my brother Sagar Sourav gave me three magazines…..Prantik, Jeevan and Xatxori. My heavenly feelings of touching those magazines may not be a heart touching matter for those who are in Assam….who can get those magazines easily from any where out there. But these magazines mean a lot for me. I took them as if I was hungry for several years. It gave me the world’s pleasure which I was searching here in Mumbai from the day of my landing.

I simply thank my brother for those which could not be given by every body. I realized my absence in my homeland. I wish to get connected with those which carry the fragrance of my home land. Believe me; I had read two stories of Prantik and some of the write ups of Jeevan in my last night Mumbai local train journey, where most of the passengers were sleeping. But I was in my mood to read those as if some body gave me some thing which was far away from me for long time.

NB. I have already subscribed some of my favorite magazines to read them in Mumbai.


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2 responses to “The pleasure of some thing

  1. sagar saurav

    September 9, 2011 at 5:30 pm

    thanks…..for the first time …u the only one to write about me….


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