I must say……may it be my appreciation or irritation.

08 Sep

I was informed by my brother about the program. I did not attend such type of programs previously in the name of the great legend of Assam. He is Dr Bhupen Hazarika and today is his Birthday. He is still under treatment at the Kokilaben Dhiru Bhai Ambani Hospital, Mumbai. So the people of his homeland planed to gather at the Hospital venue to wish him for his birthday and to pray for a speedy recovery of his health.

I was also informed for the same. Once before I was informed by another group to the same venue to pray for his good health just after a few days of his admission at that hospital. That time, unfortunately I could not attend. So this time, I thought that I must attend this program since I had a keen desire to attend such a program which was meant for good deeds. Moreover I was rather interested to have a live look of our Bhupen da at the Hospital.

I knew nobody in that group who initiated today’s program…still I was there with my brother. I did not get any idea what might be there as the Birthday celebration. I was informed about the agenda in a rough way. Accordingly, I reached the Hospital venue expecting a very good and well organized get together where some celebrations would be there.

I had the great opportunity to meet Kalpana Lazmi and Manisha Hazarika…not exactly meeting, I had seen them lively through my eyes. They were talking with the people quite a few meters away from me. Manisha Hazarika was my favorite singer….So when she was there with us, my heart and mind became overwhelmed expecting her songs in that program….because listening Manisha Hazarika in Mumbai would be a very rare thing for me. I thought that every thing was organized previously and those people got together there accordingly with due permission of the Hospital authority.

But honestly I was wrong….The whole program was arranged outside the Hospital. Anyway, we all gathered outside the Hospital venue, but inside the Hospital campus. Bhupen da’s photo was sketched on a white board and was designed very nicely in a frame and a few lines of his evergreen song was written there also. Now it’s the time to celebrate his birthday. People presented out there would sign on that memorabilia one by one. Without any introduction, people started signing over there, wishing for his birthday and his good health. I was standing at one side observing all those activities people were doing there and wanted to do there!!!!

I met many renowned High profiled Assamese personalities who got settled down in Mumbai in the field of Music. I was glad to meet them and talk with them…because with my profession, I could never get the chance to meet them in my entire life also…we people are far away from this Music world. Anyway, the moment was started by one renowned sound designer and mixer in the film industry. So that moment must be captured in the camera. Cameraman started clicking the moment. What made me more puzzled and irritating was to see the other people who liked to be in that same frame with those personalities surrounding over them…who in fact introduced themselves to be very well to do and settled in that industry.

I got really confused exactly who were the celebrities or who were the freshers in that field. It was simply a photo session for me…I honestly mean it. I got puzzled why we people got together there…to wish Bhupen da for his Birthday or to do a photo shoot at the Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital venue???

Confusions got raised in my mind about the presence of those people who made the whole effort of that particular association a bit hazy in the eyes of every visitors of that Hospital. Some body asked some one just in front of my eyes about the purpose of that get together and the group who initiated the whole program. But very sadly, he could not reply properly. I have no complaint about the group whose effort was highly appreciated. But still I have some complaints about those who did not want to do any thing keeping themselves behind the screen.

People are really crazy about to focus themselves in the eyes of the society or in the eyes of the media. May be their profession demands to do their jobs in that way….I do not know.

But, to be very frank, today’s my experience was a mixed experience which carried both the side….appreciation and irritation.


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3 responses to “I must say……may it be my appreciation or irritation.

  1. Niranjan Bhagobaty

    September 8, 2011 at 3:30 pm

    Understand your feelings… People forget the cause and they want to be celebrities themselves. It cannot be helped, as long as we follow a dual standard. Some were there for the cause, some for the fame (to be associated with the glitterati in the Photoshoot). Next time they have a meeting/celebration of this sort, send the organizer an e-mail. It will save you time and the embarrassment.

    PS: Stuti, I think it is high time somebody pointed out that your grammer is very very bad. Try to improve, or at least type in a wordprocessor (say Word), where you can check your grammer. You will have many rejections (of your scientific publications, if not your blog) if this continues.

    – Niranjan


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