His tears have compelled me again.

05 Sep

I could not understand his feelings…..nor I could imagine what was in his heart for long time. I simply could imagine his feelings…could simply drop a few tear drops from my eyes also while he was shedding his tears in his mother’s arm.The whole atmosphere became so emotional that every body followed the same path who were present out there at the studio or who were watching the Live program like me.

Kishan Upadhyay, about whom I wrote in one of my previous blogs, have finally reunited with his lost family at the News Live studio. That waiting was over ultimately with a very emotional and heart touching moment….that moment which we could simply watch or we could simply assume.

Honestly speaking, I have not seen such type of situation or have not listened such type of story line in some one’s real life. Whatever I can imagine those pictures in movies only whose plots are not real in the real sense. One mother may get back his lost son after years back whom she lost in the grand Kumbh Mela or whom she lost in the busy streets of Mumbai or some platforms. But in the real life, this sort of story lines are really unbelievable.

Just like Kishan’s word…it’s some thing which he could say a Fairy Tale. Beyond which he even could not imagine what he got in that news channel studio yesterday. News live has made a historical scenario by completing their adventure in searching Kishan’s lost family. But more than that, I think News Live has given lives to those people who were alive, but with the artificial breath in their language; who were complete but still incomplete; who got every thing, but still missing some thing… was amazing as Kishan said the first word after meeting his mother with a heavy mind and heart… with a never ending emotions which he carried for 42 long years.

He once again shared every thing on the screen how he became the Professor of the Duke University, USA from the street boy in Kathmandu.

Once again, I simply wish Kishan and his reunited family a secure life ahead with full of joy and happiness.

Kishan with his mother and sister

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