The Full Moon at the Circle

03 Sep

She liked poetry. He also liked it. They recited their own poetry together in their university days, which were the golden days of her life…..she realizes it now. She realizes those beautiful moments when she does not get enough time to remind them, she realizes them when she gets involved so badly in her married life’s daily problems. She still writes poetry, but now her husband does not have enough time to listen them…who once was mad for those poetry. She got surprised at her husband’s indifferent attitude towards her poetry, who once was crazy about her half written poetry also.

She simply lives her life by taking the breaths as usual with an as usual daily routine. She does not think it life….for her, life is what she had at her university days with the same person as lover who is now her husband. Now they are passing their time in the same house, but with different life style. They are simply house mates, not the soul mates; they share the same room only…not the affection which they had before.

One day she came across with a person at one nursing home where she got admitted by him after an accident. He met her with a bunch of flower at their first meeting for which she was crying before her husband many days. She loves flowers, but her husband is never in the mood of giving her the same. In fact, he gets irritated in her poetry also rather than to listen them. Her husband argues that time has changed…now its not the suitable time to write poetry, to recite poetry or to listen poetry. He becomes so busy in his professional life that now he even can not think about poetry.

But she has not changed herself….she is the same what she was in her past life. So she again falls in love with life….with words…with poetry…but this time not with her husband, but with that person who is a POET by profession and who gave rebirth her life.

This is the story line of one short film which I watched yesterday at Rang channel.

Yes, this is true…this sort of life lines may survive in many closed flats in almost all the cities…where the life runs so fast and hectic that people has not enough time to think beyond their profession.

I still remember when my room mate said that she forgot how to sing….who was once the best singer in her college days. Whose singing touched many people’s heart and mind like me in our hostel days. I came to listen many unknown songs of Jayanta Hazarika only by her singing. To be very honest, I felt sorry for her when she told that she forgot almost all the songs because there was nobody to encourage her singing after her marriage.

I personally felt very difficult to survive in a materialistic city like Mumbai at my first few days just after my landing. I could not adjust with the hectic routines of my husband…because for me life is not meant to take our regular breaths. For me life is more beyond that. I also have a busy professional life…but in between I like to enjoy my life also.

But slowly, I started adjusting myself with this busy city and with my busy life also. My husband never discourages me whatever I am doing…may it be my boring blog writing habit also, may it be my worst paintings also or may it be my Mathematics books also. He supports everything in which I get my pleasure. He provides me whatever I want. But he can not manage his time to accompany me. So I started consoling myself and preparing myself mentally for whatever I am doing there may not be my husband’s presence….I started feeling his presence spiritually rather than his physical presence.

My husband may not be with me in enjoying the Full Moon in the open sky or the heavy rains in which I like to lose myself. But still I enjoy them…still I like to be in those heavenly moments.

After all, we have to run our life….what do you say???

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