He touched my heart…..honestly

02 Sep

He simply remembers her face in a hazy picture….he forgot almost all the moments spent with her. But still he is in the hope of meeting her again once in his life. He is searching every where her face….he is listening every where minutely in the hope of that voice which he heard long 42 years back. He never thinks that she may be no more in this world. His heart always speaks to him that he will definitely meet her in his life…..may it be for the last time or may it be that she can not recognize him at their meeting.

Yes, I am talking about Kishan Upadhyay….he is the Associate Professor of one University in USA. He met one of his school friend in Facebook to whom he opened his most secret wish which he was carrying all the time in his heart. He has been searching for his mother and sister whom he left 42 years back.

His mother was an Assamese who left him at some relatives’ house along with his sister due to some unavoidable circumstances. At that time Kishan was a kid…at that age he could not understand what could be the reason for which his mother left them at some one’s place leaving her husband. Kishan and his sister simply kept waiting for their mother for several years. But she did not return back to that place. Due to some unspoken circumstances, some one took these brother and sister to Kathmandu, Nepal, where they started their new life passing through terrible struggles of their life. Kishan started working at hotels as hotel boy. But he could not continue that for long time….he was to leave that job.

At his jobless time, he started collecting the garbages from the roads of Kathmandu for his hungry stomach. At that time, he was with his sister Maya Devi. But very unfortunately, one day he fell down on the road due to his weak health and he was taken to the hospital by some one. But after his release from that hospital, he did not find his sister. She had also left him without his knowledge.

From that day, Kishan started searching his family silently every where. He was taken at one Orphanage from where he started his education life. Kishan had proved the meaning of the statement “Where there is a WILL, there is a WAY.” He got the highest achievements in his career and one day got settled down in US accepting the opportunities given by the United States of America. Now Kishan is a well settled citizen of America with his American wife and their two kids.
But still he is incomplete without his mother’s face, without his sister’s helping hand. He believes so….that’s why he keeps on searching them every where and praying for them silently in the hope that one day they will definitely reunite at some place, but does not know when, how, where???

His Facebook School friend suggested him to contact News Live, the local News channel of Guwahati through which he could get some informations about the whereabout and about the survival of his lost family. Accordingly, News Live arranged one program only because of Kishan’s pathetic life story which might touch many people’s heart and might help him in searching his lost family. News Live stepped forward also to give the message of Kishan to his lost family through that program.

Surprisingly, just after few days of that program, News Live got the success in searching Kishan’s sister, who claimed herself like that mentioning many lines of their life of togetherness. Now it was Kishan’s responsibility to identify his sister…he recognized her very well in the TV screen with whom he was disconnected for long years. That was really a dramatic moment for every one presented out there and for the audience also who were watching that program like me. I was really getting emotional of the meeting of those brother and sister who spoke to each other in their mother tongue Nepali through the TV screen sitting at two different corners of the world….one was at Tinsukia, Upper Assam and another was at some place of USA.

Through his sister Maya Devi, News live was informed about the present status Kishan’s mother. Now she is in Kathmandu with the step brother of Kishan….Kishan’s mother Umoti Devi got married with another person due to some unspoken reasons which she did not want to disclose in the TV screen. That day, the TV screen was covered by three faces…Kishan, his mother and his sister…all were at totally different parts of the world. They talked to each other and Kishan promised to meet his family very shortly in that next week after completing the necessary jobs to fly from USA to Assam.

Now Kishan is coming to Assam and News Live will telecast live the complete moment of this lost family’s reunion. Kishan’s life really touched my heart….it compelled my tears to come out from the core of my heart without my knowledge. I am simply waiting for the time of their meeting after long 42 years.

May GOD bless Kishan and his reunited family.

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