Double proxy

25 Aug

Double proxy may be meant differently for different people….in fact it may carry the meaning of double crossing also which is totally out of the track on which I am going to share my feelings. I can not understand why people are using the term as Double Crossing to represent some one’s extra marital affairs. In one of the episodes of Laughter Challenge, the comedy program in Sony, one participant said that girls had a very narrow heart in comparison to the boys as they kept only ONE in their heart for the entire life(??????). But boys have a very broad heart as they can keep SEVERAL at a time in their heart!!!!! I have no comments regarding the concept of double crossing or whatever else…in fact I have nothing to say about other’s personal feelings…I simply respect what others feel comfortable in their personal life.

My double proxy is some thing very different in its way. I experienced it in my college life. I think for most of the students, college life is not a life where you can not bunk the classes. Class bunking has its own charm….I believe that students enjoy a lot in bunking the classes rather than to attend them. Exceptions may also be there….I can not say straight away that cent percent students bunk the classes. So far I remember, one of our class mates got awarded for his cent percent attendance in his college life.

But still I can say that students like to bunk some of the classes in their student life. To be very honest I also bunked my classes some times….one day, it was only to watch the movie Titanic with my friend Rituporna. Though bunking classes is not a good habit, still students at our time, like to roam the Pan bazar area or to be in the college canteen or to move to the cinema halls….I felt so.

In my major classes, I did not like to attend one particular sir’s class due to his rudeness….he treated his students as his ancestral enemies with whom he was bound to interact some how. One day, I was scolded very badly by him due to my continuous bunks for three days. He noticed that I was present at the morning classes but absent in his after noon classes.

The day I was scolded was that day when I wore the Salwar Kamiz for the first time in my college life. As my normal out fit was the Jeans and T-shirt all the time, so he could catch me easily. That day was really terrific for me as he kept scolding me for continuous 15 minutes and my friends also had to digest the words only because of me. After the class, my friends suggested me like the “Umbrella after the rain” that why I did not sit at the last benches as usual instead of sitting at the first bench on that day!!!

Whenever we had to bunk classes, we kept searching for some one who could give the proxy against our Roll numbers…..because at our time the term NC (Non-Collegiate) and DC (Dis-Collegiate) were the most Horrible terms we had ever faced in our life. If some body got any of these, their life would go to the hell by losing one complete year. Students were very much conscious about the English subject, because at that time we had Dr. Deben Dutta as the the HOD who did not listen a single word of the students who suffered from AC or DC. So we tried our level best to attend every English classes only because of our so called attendance. Rest of the subjects were also a bit tensed for us, but English seemed to be some thing very Horrible for we people.

Any way, only to escape from the AC or DC, we kept searching some one very trusted who did not forget to give the proxy against our Roll numbers. I also gave proxy against my friends and my friends also gave the same in return. We people were dependent on each other…we could not ignore others…who knew every body would be required at the time of our need.(???)

I still remember the day of the double proxy against my Roll number when my two friends shouted together as “Present Mam”. My friends were about to get caught for that, but intelligently and bravely of course, my friend Chandana stood up when madam asked my Roll number again. That was my fault to appoint two persons for one job….as the first appointed one asked me to appoint some body else as he would also be absent at that class. So I had to appoint Chandana for that. But unfortunately the first one came to the class and he wanted to help me also(???)….that’s why there were two persons’ voice against one Roll number.

Another day, our sir got quite puzzled about the gender of my Roll number, because so far he knew the name STUTI stood for the female gender, but the attendant’s voice was a male voice. The whole class laughed loudly when he asked whether Stuti was a boy or girl!!!!!

Though the proxy job seemed to be very interesting for we people at our college life, but we could not follow the same at our university life….and still I can not do the same. Because we know proxy is not a good habit, we should not give the authority to some one for whatever we are….what do you say???

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One response to “Double proxy

  1. Karthiyayini

    August 30, 2011 at 9:41 am

    Yes you are right…………
    As a teacher I always advice students against giving proxy because if they get caught by a strict teacher they may get into real trouble…


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