My concept of attachment

23 Aug

A couple of days before, I had an argument with my friend regarding the value of a True love. He updated his facebook status mentioning that today, there is no value of real love. I have argued with him pointing that I have still in believe of True and Sacred love. I believe in the spirituality of any love…may it be with my life partner, with my mother, with my family members or with my friends also.

I generally give the logic that people have fallen in love, not have been loved. If some one has been loved, then it is not love for me…it is a compromise(Samjhota). Love can be with any one…with your friends, with some one whom you are not meeting till date. My junior asked me about the meaning of my blog “Priyo Bandhu: Ekti Nichok Prem r katha”. She did not understand the meaning of the love between two Priyo Bandhu (good friend). This love is some thing beyond some body’s imagination who has the concept of Love between two persons that can be only husband and wife.

I was impressed when Nibedita and her friends cancelled their much exciting Kaziranga trip only because of their friend’s sudden ill ness. We all the hostel boarders knew about it that they were very much prepared for their trip. But at the eleventh hour, they had cancelled all their arrangements and instead of enjoying in the trip, they all became busy with the treatments of their friend at the Nursing Home. That was the way I understood the actual meaning of love…the love for their friendship…their sacred and spiritual attachment with each other.

But I have a very bitter experience when that was not with me. I had seen people enjoying the Grand Birthday party of their hostel mate just after when I got the news of my father’s expiry. Those friends were my the then friends who were there with me all the time, except at my set back. They accompanied me in enjoying the movies, in roaming the city, in asking my help regarding their jobs…..but could not give their company when I was alone weeping for my father’s passing away.

I am still believing in the spiritual attachment of my friends, of my near and dear ones. I have the full dedication with my friendships at my level best and giving my salutes to the friends like Nibedita who could invest their life for their friendships.


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6 responses to “My concept of attachment

  1. Karthiyayini

    August 23, 2011 at 7:49 am

    Stuti i totally agree with you…..
    True love does exist……..without that we would have not been what we are today….

  2. yogita

    August 23, 2011 at 11:30 am

    Yes dear one, you are right.. true love make our vision pure and beautiful..but you can understand true love if you are fallen into…. the person with whom you have true love ;;;;;;;;;my God he/she is so precious gift from god to you…. so we have to take care of that gift… love is pure ,,, selfless ,,, on writing these i am feeling devine

  3. Chase

    August 25, 2011 at 8:18 am

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