19 Aug

I never do any fasting. Truly speaking, I even do not want to do the same…no matter what is the reason. The only fasting I did in my life was at my father’s expiry. But that was not a fasting for me. That was some thing which I listened to my heart. That was not some thing to be followed by the rituals, but some thing to many unspoken moments passed by where the Hunger did not get the chance to place itself.

Anyway, that was completely a different feeling which can not be understood by others what I felt at that time.

But still it is true that I can not fast for a single day….I can not compromise with my foods. That’s why I appreciate my Muslim friends who are in fast for complete one month in the name of God. I salute their dedication where they do not take one single drop of water throughout the day. Perhaps due to my nature, I was not born in a Muslim family, nor I tied the knot with a Muslim friend. Because God has already gets the idea that I will die if I do not take food for a single day!!!

People suggested us to do the fasting at our father’s expiry day, that was Sunday. We also started to do so. But my mother gave us a strong and sentimental point that if we did our fasting in the hostels, then our father’s soul would be worried about us and would be unhappy also, because Sunday was a day of celebration and our father was also very interested in it. So to follow his foot prints, we should have to follow his life style. He would be in our heart by continuing his habits, not by avoiding them.

Still, a couple of years back, I decided to fast once in a week. I selected the Thursday, the day meant for the Guru, the leader of every one. But interestingly, that day I took more food in the name of my fasting. My fasting day started with the full glass of Horlicks and some dry fruits, then it continued with the variety of fruits and dry fruits throughout the day and ended with the heavy dinner compensating the whole day’s fast. People started suggesting me to take the normal diet rather than to do any Fasting on that particular day. Frankly speaking, I kept waiting for my fasting day in those days.

But after my marriage, I came to know that my in-laws follow one day in the name of fasting. Fasting means on that particular day, they do not take any non vegetarian item. It was not a worried matter for me. Though I was a strict non vegetarian, still I could skip one day…I thought so. I did not know the actual reason of their fasting, but I was told to follow the same. Means I have to take the strictly vegetarian item on that particular day. My husband was also bound to follow it with me. My mother-in-law simply told me that when they missed this day, that day they faced severe loss. It was happened for several times.

Finally we decided to follow our Thursday fasting…means we would take the vegetarian items on that day. We are still following this….we even missed lots of programs regarding our Thursday and to be very honest some times we also missed our fasting day due to some unavoidable circumstances. I really mean it…but those were not our intensionally done jobs, for which we had to break our day.

But the day before yesterday, I took 650 gm packed Chicken from our very nearest Bombay Butcher’s shop. I planned the Chicken at that dinner since my husband would be away from me for another couple of days on his official tour, from the very next day, meant yesterday. But yesterday was Thursday…I forgot the day while I purchased the Chicken. We enjoyed our dinner with the Red Chilly Chicken fry and the Chicken butter masala. But unfortunately we could not finish it. There were some Chicken butter masala left in my fridge. I decided to keep it upto Friday.

But yesterday, while I opened the fridge, I noticed the chicken item might be wasted. I decided to take it at my dinner, placing one argument before myself that if I would take the vegetarian items, then my chicken item would get wasted and if I took the chicken item then in future I might have some loss which was very uncertain. So it would be better to save my today, rather than to waste it to save my tomorrow….because tomorrow would take care of itself….I have the full confidence about it.

Are you ever be in any fast for any reason… the name of GOD, in the name of your parents, in the name of your health or in the name of Corruption, which becomes most demanding in today’s date.

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One response to “Fasting

  1. Kamal

    August 20, 2011 at 8:05 pm

    Kaam ban naai aru ….fast karim….moi kiba bule “Anna” neki bey ? Joto sab phaltu karbar………


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