I don’t know

17 Aug

After waiting complete 20 minutes in the bus queue, I was completely exhausted while the bus arrived. I tried to get in the bus in a hurry only to get one seat for me. But the bus was already full packed. I had not seen any empty seat where I could sit comfortably. But suddenly I noticed one “ladies seat” where one kid was sleeping peacefully. I thought that he might be with his parents, so I could ask his parents for the seat. But he was alone, the next girl was not with him. But very unwillingly I woke him up to vacate the seat for me, because it was reserved for us. Very forcefully he left the seat for me. I did not want to let him leave the seat, but I was help less. Because if I would not have been, then some body else would have asked him to do so. Because that was the only seat left available for the ladies.

“In Mumbai, Pehle aapon ke bare me Soch ne ka”….it often hits my ears every where in Mumbai. Here no body will wait for you. People do not have much time to show their feelings to you. They may be sorry for you, but they may not have enough time to show it. I also felt sorry for that kid, but I thought for myself first. Because if I would not have done so, then my whole journey would have become horrible in the next hour in that crowded bus and the traffic on the roads. That’s why people are becoming opportunist every time for their comfort first rather than to think for others.

After complete one hour, I reached the Andheri station. That timing was the worst timing for all the passengers, because the crowds in the trains in that period could not be imagined. Still we had to travel. I planned to catch the 6.22 pm Virar Slow local, which came full loaded from the last station, because people got in it in the previous stations and then returned back again. So expecting the seats is quite use less in the actual sense in that train. If you can get in it, then it is enough for you, because people use to travel hanging themselves in the doors. I was boarded in the train forcefully pushing me from behind. But I became surprised to see the empty seats inside the trains. That was really very unexpected and some thing more unbelievable also. But when I rushed there, I had noticed the dirty seats due to some one’s vomiting.

I was also about to vomit there. I could not tolerate this sort of things. I could not sit there, so better tried to stand nearby the seat covering completely my mouth. People were still sitting in the front seats, I could not imagine how they could seat over there. By the time, the inside of the train got stuck due to the crowd, still people did not show their interest to sit over there cleaning the seat some how.

Suddenly, I noticed, one girl started soaking her handkerchief and then cleaned the complete seat with it. She then asked us to sit over it. She even put some napkins on the seat so that we could sit properly and cleanly. She washed her hand also with her hand washing lotion. I guessed professionally she might be a Doctor, that’s why did not hesitate to clean some one’s vomiting for others.

Whoever she was, I became very impressed about her help, which I think I can not do for any body. I can help people in some way around, but can not clean any dirty place for others comfort. I don’t know whether I am right or wrong with my attitude. But that girl’s happily done activity really touched my heart… might touch every one out there…I guessed.


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3 responses to “I don’t know

  1. Karthiyayini

    August 17, 2011 at 9:23 am

    Such a nice gesture. Probably even I am like you in this matter.
    But I am really impressed by that girl.


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