I was used

16 Aug

My week days mean my 7.22 am church gate local and then 422 Mulund Cheknaka AC bus via Seepz. I generally start hearing the sound of my Alarm clock every where from the Sunday night. My Sunday nights seem to be the painful nights for me, because again we have to run with the running clocks once the week gets started. I am feeling romantic and flying in the Friday evenings…not only now, the feelings has been being with me from my University life, when we watched one movie on every Friday night in my room or went out to roam the Tezpur town leisurely which were totally jobless.

After enjoying continuous three days OFF, today I got ready forcefully to catch my morning train. I have to come because of my work loads. Every day, I plan to take one day leave only to sleep late at the mornings….but when my pending and future works flash in my mind, my plan becomes unplanned every time. My research friends can understand my feelings, because we people are busy for nothing….studying for nothing….researching for nothing…..Still we are busy.

Today morning, I was standing at my AC bus queue at the Andheri Station….this queue often becomes very long after some time. Not only me, most of the people like to stand for few minutes in the queue only to sleep comfortably in the journey rather than to be in the other crowded non AC buses. Some times, I wish my bus to get stuck in the traffic for some more time so that I can sleep a little bit more. I really keep aside my morning sleep only to complete it in the AC buses. Today also, the queue started getting long before the bus’ arrival. This AC queue takes a U turn after a particular point. Some times, the first person and the last person stand together, but with the different position. I noticed one person was standing by my side keeping himself busy with his mobile. I could not get him and even could not say him anything, because he might be for some other queue also. He was walking here and there maintaining the required distance with me.

Mean while, the bus arrived. We started moving towards the bus. I was standing at the middle. I noticed that person also started walking along with us, but a little bit away from us. I could not get his motive, because he was still talking in his mobile. But suddenly when I boarded in the bus, just after me, he also took his chance. The other persons behind him did not say anything, because they thought him to be my husband or some one else. When I took my seat separately, then those people asked me whether he was with me or not. They became quite angry on him at my NO for using one married woman ( I can be recognized as Married easily by my SINDUR) tactfully to board in the bus. But due to the inside crowd, he was lost some where.

I also felt embarrassed by being used by some one for my Marital status. I honestly could not get his tricks, whether I was used for being a lady or for my Sindur or for my attitude????? I am quite confused…

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