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11 Aug

The whole Taj Mahal is opened for the people, except the main cemetery of Mamtaz. But still people seem to be curious about that restricted part of the Taj Mahal. The whole Taj Mahal is also allowed for photography, but still people like to capture the under ground portion of the Taj Mahal where the photography is strictly restricted. It is seemed that without breaking the restrictions, Taj Mahal visit would not have been completed. People are rather interested in visiting the restricted areas of the Taj Mahal than the whole surrounding environment.

Exactly, we people are very much curious about the word “NO”. We become more enthusiastic about those places where it is written “Strictly Restricted” or “No Entry”. Honestly speaking, I was also curious about the cemetery or the under ground part of the Taj Mahal which was strictly restricted. I noticed many people wanted to do the same and many people seemed to be quite unsatisfied to be prohibited that way.

My friend was curious to enter beyond the locked gate where some of the items were kept sophistically inside that area. It was at the Dakshineswar temple, where every thing was opened for the people, except that area where most probably the environmental preservations were there…we guessed. My friend showed his curiosity because he knew that those restricted areas carried the most important informations to the people. He mentioned the Jodhpur Fort where the main part was strictly restricted which carried the most important messages of the then history.

If we do not allow our kids to do some thing, then it is seen that they want to do the same at the first. This common nature is carried by most of the people throughout their life. My junior confessed in front of me that one day they have read the secret diary of their father where at the first page, it was written “Do not open this”. More interestingly, there was nothing secret in the diary, still they completed it only in the hope of some secrets!!!

If you want to spread one news in your friend circle, then just share it with one of your friends and take the promise not to share it with any one. You will not have to wait for long, your news will be spreaded automatically among your friends. This is the best way to spread your achievements among your friends….which your friends may not spread it themselves if you ask them to inform some one. But if you tell that it is the most secret news you have ever shared with some one, you need not to wait for quite long time. Your job will be done without your knowledge.

Really we people are much more curious about the half spoken words, about the half opened books, about the half opened door, about the half written letters and of course about the Restricted jobs….which seems to be half satisfaction if we do not complete them.

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