10 Aug

Few days back, I spoke to a model regarding some questions. I never interacted with a personality engaged with the Glamor world or the Entertainment world. But always curious about them, always crazy about their profesion. Personally, I did not get the chance to involve with them….because my Professiona and their Profession are quite in different tracks. That’s why, that day, I did not ignore my chance to speak to a model.

But after a half an hour talk, I came to the point that Glamor world is not smooth as it is seen from outside. It is not that world which we people are being showed in the TV channels. I found this world more critical than my expectations. That model is quite a successful model at her way, who started modelling from her very teen age. She achieved those fames which should be a point of Jealous for others. But still she said me that she did not want to be called as a model, because of the society. By society she meant those people with whom she had to share her life in future. A Model is not given the proper recognition and prestige in that society where she is living…she meant it. They are looked at some different way for which some times it becomes difficult for them to continue their life in that atmosphere.

I became wrong about my concept….because I admired this profession whole heartedly. I liked to be present at the live Fashion shows where the models carry their own dignified attitude. But I got embarrassed when that model told me that she was away from this modelling from last two years, because of some inner Give and Take policy and some of the attitudes of the society.

Give and take policy can not be discussed and can not be solved rightly….from my view point. It is some thing which varies person to person. I can simply say that this policy is not in the Glamor world or in the Entertainment world, it is every where. It is our responsibility and intelligence how we can handle or escape from the trap of this policy and can get the success in our way by standing strongly at our position. I watched a strong debate regarding this topic in the Entertainment world in the DY365 recently….I supprted those points which were discussed over that show.

It is a very unfair truth that Entertainment world gets the highest focus in the society, so people get popularized (good or bad) also within a very short span of time.

But I am saying to that Model that quiting her profession does not change the attitude of the society. Even, her decision to leave behind her passion does not stop creating new models and start changing some new environment any more. This world never waits for any one. She can not be the one to upgrade the society alone by quitting her profession. She should be there to change the attitude by continuing her profession, not by quitting it.

Fashion world is recognized, it has been standing boldly in its way from long back. You people should take the initiative to place the proper status in our conservative society…..I feel so.

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