Rock on

09 Aug

Aditya stopped singing….in fact he avoided listening to music also. Because he did not want to recall those moments when he was very passionate about his music and his music band Magic, which he left years back due to some reason. He tried to compromise his life avoiding all those things which were related to his past life. He is now a successful man in his way with his beautiful and smart wife…but it can not be said how much he is satisfied with his life. Because compromising every thing does not mean the satisfaction all the time…his wife thinks so. This was the story line of the Hindi movie “Rock on” which I use to carry all the time to get relaxed of myself.

Exactly, we can remove the memories from our mind or can avoid those persons with whom our memories are involved…but we can not remove those days from our life. Removing every thing may not be the ultimate solution to forget some one. Because in this sweet and short life, we can not get enough time to treasure our memories, if we starts removing some of them.

My friend interacted with his beloved by his mobile. They used to send hundreds messages throughout the day. But very unfortunately, their love became shakier at the present status. So he avoided writing messages in his mobile to forget the pain. He would call that person, but did not reply anybody….this is the logic to step behind from those emotions which were related to his life.

But I am judging this in the other way around….for me avoiding those activities are not the exact way to get escaped from those pains. If the pain can not be carried throughout your life, then try to forget them not by avoiding them, but by adjusting with them. These things may not be accepted, but can be adjusted. Life is meant for compromising to some level, but we have to build it again if it was broken once.

My friend tried to avoid using AC after her husband’s death…because her husband could not sleep without AC. But she could not get relieved from the pain of her husband’s death until and unless she got adjusted herself in AC. She surrendered that while she was in AC, she felt the sweet presence of her husband all around, which was not there while she avoided AC. My mother suggested me to follow all the foot prints of my father. I never avoid those habits which I used to with my father. In fact, I am trying to follow up all my father’s habits so that he can be in my heart all the time.

If we try to avoid some thing to forget some one or some pain, then it would bring us the pain all the time, for which we would be suffered more. Just like Aditya, who felt the pain whenever he listened to music.

So try to live with those feelings which are the sweet pains of your life, because then only your life will be smoother to get lived.

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