Married Virgin

08 Aug

Virgin….the word carries its own controversy. Still I have to write some thing using this controversial word….because I know some life lines which is suffered from these words.

Few years back, my friend tied the knot with that girl whom his family members chose for him. Initially he had no problem with that girl…she was smart, well educated and quite intelligent to handle a new family in the right way. But slowly, my friend got irritated with her behavior…his main complaint was that he got more than 50 calls at his mobile from that girl per day. He in fact found some thing abnormal at her talks also. But his family ignored all his complaints because according to them, being an introvert, he might judge the things that way.

But my friend slowly started losing his faith in his arranged marriage. He even requested his family members to cancel the marriage. But his family did not do that because they thought that once the marriage was over, every thing would be OK with them. Moreover they had already started the arrangement for his marriage, already informed every one about his marriage. My friend could not say a single word against them only for the prestige of both his family and that girl. But still he was in his own circle from where he could not get relieved of himself, compromising the fact.

Ultimately he tied the knot with that girl…..but at the marriage venue, every one noticed some thing very abnormal behaviors of a Bride, who was not stable at her position. Their marriage was over. According to the custom, the bride had to return back to her parents’ house after leaving the foot prints at her husband’s house. She would be again brought to her husband’s house after one week or some days more. Those steps would be considered to be an actual married life together for them, because they would be given permission by the Society to live together afterwards.

But the Bride’s family forced to keep her at my friend’s house from the next day of their marriage. Very tactfully, my friend’s family returned the Bride…because they also got some points to believe their sixth sense. They tried to understand some factors, tried to over come some of them also….because the marriage was already over. But still, they could not ignore what they had noticed in her.

Very unfortunately, the reality came to the light. The bride was not normal, she was carrying an unstable mental status from long years. That’s why her family members tried her marriage any how hiding all the factors. They simply wanted to rescue her life… destroying some one’s full fledged life.

Officially my friend got separated from her….separation should not be a proper word because they were not merged physically or spiritually. But still he was married…..he had to get separated from her. My friend fell down emotionally…..because without a single fault he had to carry his name as a married person. He is still single.

Same incident also happened to my cousin whose marriage lasted only for one week. But personally they were not merged because his wife could not surrender herself immediately in front of him because of her past affair. I really became speechless when he shared his so called married life and for which he had to wait for another year to get separated. Now, officially they got divorced…but personally my cousin carried one stain in his life for which he had no excuses.

I really feel sorry for those who have to carry his identity as married but not married in the real sense. I am surprised for those who do not think it twice for a moment to destroy some one’s clean life, some one’s full fledged life. My junior could not forget the moment when he found his wife to be an abnormal in their Suhag Raat. Till date, he is suffered from that shock which came to his life without any second thought.

Getting relieved from the family burdens should not be the ultimate way to live peacefully. Establishing the false factors is nothing but one type of crime, from which people can solve their daughter’s marriage problems, but can not build her life happily. By destroying some one’s life should not be a proper way to solve your personal problems. But this sort of things get started very rapidly in our society at today’s date. Marriage problem does not rise in the case of girls only, it mat be a big problem for the boys also.

Just think about my friends, who got the recognition as married wrongly without their fault. Just think about their married virginity for which they may be asked several questions on which they may not have any exact answer.

NB. I beg sorry for rising such type of controversial issue.

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