Some true feelings of an Assam based Mumbaiya

06 Aug

Few days back, I watched one program in News Live where the discussion topic was the recent controversial Slut Walk. The discussion was among different personalities including students, guardians, people from the entertainment world, beauty world and some common people. The discussion was started with the version of an Assamese renowned model Stuti who gave her point in support of the Short and modern out fits and asked the society to switch their mentality and thoughts to the modern upcoming world.

There were lots of arguments raised in the entire discussion some of which obviously went out of the track. Most of the participants went against the versions of the Assamese models Stuti, Nibir and some other personalities who supported the Slut Walk. I was surprised at the points which were raised against them. Got quite puzzled also about the modernity of our society, about the educated thoughts of the people. People presented out there, criticized those models so terribly and vulgarly that I really felt sorry for them.

Their simple point was that people should be in that out fit according to their Profession, the place, the time and of course the personality. If you can carry those out fits properly and decently then there should not be any complaints against them. Out fits should not be the way of identification of the character. Nibir argued that she placed herself in front of the camera and the audience in Bikinis also in the Femina Miss India contest. That should not be a point to raise the questions against her character.

Exactly, we should judge the works….not the out fits. If the profession demands then out fits should not be a point of discussion or point of being criticized. It should be judged properly and logically which one should be given the priority….their hard works to introduce their tradition and culture with the outside world or their out fits about whose discussions actually carry no sense in the actual sense. The host was repeatedly saying that those models were the one to place their culture at the International platform…..they were those who carried both name and fame to their State and made the bridge between their culture and the different cultures of all over the world.

But interestingly, when the rest of the people said that they did their works only to advertise themselves by using their State’s name, by using their State’s heritage, it was also a part of their profession….every thing went on professionalism, so they should first modify themselves to carry their culture rightly etc etc, then some questions also raised in my mind and heart for those people who were quite adamant in carrying their conservative mind till date.

I honestly felt sorry for them. That day they were criticized so badly that I was worried about their mental
harassment….I must say. I think they would be upset afterwards to do some thing for their state, to do some thing for the fame of their home land, to do some thing in bringing the recognition to their culture at the International platform or to place themselves as Assamese at their platforms.

Exactly, if people are criticized so embarrassedly at a media platform by the people of their home land, then the question of doing some thing for their community will definitely be arose in their context.

Recently I am asked to give my time in some of the activities of Assam Association, Mumbai, which has its own dignity in its way to carry our culture at the best possible way in the land of Mumbai. I appreciate their contributions to all the people of Assam who have been staying here in Mumbai from quite a few years and also those who are coming to to this land. Not only that, they are also carrying our culture at the best level by organizing different festivals of of our land. But to be very honest, I am rather worried on taking initiative for those programs only because of the controversies which would take place at our land.

It is a very unfair truth that one simple matter may be placed as the biggest problem at our land by the so called media…I really mean it. We people are worried enough in those controversies for which we could not say any thing directly or could not follow the actual picture. Whatever we have to believe is to believe only on the news channels….nothing else.

But I should say that people, who are staying out side, are equally conscious about their culture, about the recognition of their home land in different ways. It is our duty to give the recognition to their efforts rather than to criticize them openly very sadly….I honestly mean it.

NB. Stuti Choudhury was that model who represented Assam in the Indian Chamber of Commerce to introduce the traditional garments at the International platform and the winner of the Miss North East 2008, organized by the North Eastern Council. She is now engaged in the world of entertainment.


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2 responses to “Some true feelings of an Assam based Mumbaiya

  1. Manoj

    August 9, 2011 at 1:12 pm

    powerful reflection of thoughts..good thinking..


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