Quite Puzzled

05 Aug

Few months back, we attended one party which was from our junior on the occasion of his Marriage. It was at the Masala Zone, near Lilavati Hospital, Mumbai. We had a great time over there. But at the end, I was given the feedback book to write some thing about the reception of the Restaurant people. I generally avoid feeding back some one, because whatever I will write that will be my true feelings for them. I never flatter people, nor I want the same in return also from any one. But I think people want good feed back from others. Honestly, that day at Masala Zone, every thing was good in my eyes, except the waiter service. The waiter kept us waiting for so many time against every order that every time we got puzzled about the items, because we started forgetting the previous ordered items.

That’s why, I ticked my mark as average against their reception, others as good. Feed back is some thing which is written silently without mentioning our names. Moreover, after giving some one feed back, no body would ask you anything against your comments. But at Masala Zone, I was asked by the waiters why I wrote the the average against their reception. They needed my explanation for my comments… God….that was my first experience in my life to give the explanations against a feed back!!!!

It was really an awkward situation for me….I found some thing less in their reception that’s why I marked it as average…that’s all. They again asked me what was the drawbacks I found in their reception, what should be added there to satisfy me. I some how managed to answer them properly….but honestly speaking, I felt that marking all the points as the best was to be better to escape from their questions that day.

Exactly, people need explanations all the time. If you say some thing good for them, then also they require the proper reason, if it is bad then also you will be warned not to judge others that way. I met one fellow in Kolkata, who was carrying loads of questions all the time with him. He had complaints against every thing….the system, the people, the food, the life, the arrangement etc etc. He would ask you why the bird flies, why not the fish??? He would ask you why we eat Bananas at the breakfast, why not Pumpkin!!! He would rather ask you why you appreciate him only, why not his friends………

He had in fact lots of questions inside the class rooms also. In almost every class, he asked questions most of which had no senses. Our teachers requested him to ask those questions which had some senses or some meanings.

Some times, we people do not carry complaints, but we need some one with whom we can share some of our feelings. We need some one who can show us some paths. We may not follow his/her paths, but still we like to lighten our mind in sharing some of our feelings with some one whom we can believe to our level best. I think this is the nature of Human beings. I generally take decisions by myself…balancing both my mind and heart. I judge the things practically as well as emotionally also. I never put my spiritual thoughts at the first place all the time. But still, some times I need some one to balance my practical and spiritual thoughts, to ask some one which one should be given the priority in our life, some one very trusted to share some of my core feelings which I can not share with others.

Some times, I really got puzzled about the definition of life!!!!!

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