You can do anything

02 Aug

I don’t know why people like to talk with me…..may be the more I am pretending to be serious, the more they get interested in talking with me. It can be guessed also that once my mouth opens, then it will not stop for several hours!!! Anyway, this fellow was my taxi driver, who discussed some of his serious matters with me asking several suggestions to solve his problems. I was on my way to Santacruz from Church gate. I took the taxi from the University of Mumbai…may be that’s why he assumed me some body involved in the education system. His first question was in the present education system, how they would manage to provide the education to their children. Because his wife argued with him regarding the admission of their first child. His wife was interested in the convent schools where he could not afford the high admission fees. That was genuine and it was not compulsory for them to send their child to the convent schools only, following other’s foot prints… logic was that. So I replied him in a simple language…”convent school nahin bhejne ka, Government school bhejne ka….BAS” (Don’t send them to the convent school, send them to the Government school).

But still he was confused whether the Government schools provide good education or not. Because he had seen the out puts of the Convent schools a bit smarter than others. He had decided to send his child to the Municipality school, but carrying the doubt all the time about the future of their child.

Exactly…this is the reason why our country’s one class of people upgrades day by day and the other side gets deteriorated on the other way around. Because, all the time, we people have the mentality to follow others, to compare ourselves with others. We are rather interested on what others are doing……not what we are doing.

Next he asked me about the caste reservation system….whether it was fruitful or not for the people…on what basis reservation should be there. Because he was quite doubtful that how people would get the faith about the treatment of a Doctor who belonged to a low caste or who got the admission in the reserved quota for backward class. He might get the admission in the medical by the reservation, but would he be able to serve the society??? Would he understand everything in his course to serve the fellow people??? Should reservation be on the financial status rather than on the caste system???

Honestly, I could not answer him. Because my uncle never visited to a Scheduled Tribe Doctor only because of his caste. But on the contrary, my Scheduled Tribe friend never applied anything against the reservation….he put his name against the General throughout his career where he never stood second for a single time. The topic can not be solved solely, can not be discussed to get an ultimate answer.

Finally the taxi driver showed me one very interesting news in Yesterday’s Hindi news paper Nava Bharat(page no.3) where the announcement of the Judge of Delhi High court was published against a father. That father who issued a case against his son who stepped forward to marry his own uncle’s daughter. But the Judge stood for his son because the son was being converted to some other Religion. According to the Law, when you convert your Religion then you can tie the knot with your siblings, with your parents also!!!! Since the son had converted his Religion to the Sikh, so there should not be any barrier in their marriage. Ultimately the father got accused for issuing an illegal case against a legal marriage and fined an amount of 10000/- for the same.

What to say… the system goes up to that level, where people can do any thing…..I got my destination and left the taxi. But could not leave his worries and discussions……because he was worried about his next generation, exactly where they are moving…what is their actual destination???

We are running so fast and blindly that we forget exactly for which we are following our respective tracks in our life….

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