Pleasant share

30 Jul

Honestly speaking, I got surprised when my Rajashthani friend told me that sharing the same food plate at the dining hall is their custom to show the unity and affection to the fellow people. Those who take their food plate separately are rather recognized to be the selfish and materialistic in their way. This is mainly followed in the family functions where people get the chance to meet their relatives and so happy to share the same food plate also.

Sharing the same foods at the same plate… sounded some thing very un usual for me. Because I have seen such type of situation once in the TV program Big Boss where the inmates were punished for some matter. But sharing the plate happily as a custom sounded really very interesting for me. I appreciated the way of showing their love and affection to others. I must admit that, your mind and heart should be clean enough to join such type of activities where many factors may arise. Some people get hesitated to share the same dining table with others… matter who they are…known or unknown,family members or friends. In comparison to that situation, sharing the same plate with others generally impressed me a lot. Because I never shared my food plate till then.

But on our Gangasagar trip, we had to share the same food plate with our friends. It was only because of the delay of the reception of the Restaurant people for whom we shared the plates with each other. But to be very frank, I did not imagine the moment for a second that I would share my food plate with some one in my life. But I experienced it also at Gangasagar…..the most pleasant and memorable trip for my life. Really, the time I was sharing my food plate with my friend was the most sacred and touching moment in my life. I enjoyed my new experience which I think will never come to my life to share some thing very personal with my friends….I really mean it.

Gangasagar really enriched my life with those feelings which I never got in my life. Spending the lonely moments on the roof top of the ship at the evening time, playing with the wind all around me, listening my most favorite songs in my mobile seemed to be the most heavenly moment in my life. Gangasagar really left it’s foot prints in my heart and mind……for the entire of my life.

Just on the next day of my marriage, I noticed the half piece of Rasgulla (sweet dish) at my food plate. That was my first lunch at my in-laws. At first I was a little bit surprised to see the half of the Rasgulla. I could not guess whether it was due to the shortage of the sweets or some thing else. Then I was told that I was offered that plate on which my husband took his lunch just few minutes before me. I was offered my lunch at the same plate with the half eaten foods of my husband. It is said that the amount of food the husband leave for his wife will indicate the love for his life partner. Since we have stepped forward to spend our lives together till the end, we must be merged in ourselves spiritually and emotionally also. I noticed my husband left his half foods for me….exact definition of a better half!!!!

That is our custom….at the very beginning of our married life, take the first lunch at the husband’s plate. That day also, I enjoyed my food taking at my husband’s neatly eaten plate. But I was overwhelmed in imagining the Rajashthani custom to share the same plate in several people. I experienced the pleasure of sharing it with my one friend only. Honestly speaking, I am getting more interested in visiting their place to experience the feeling in a group of people…..I really mean it.

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