Animals in my life

29 Jul

These days, IIT, Bombay campus is filled with new faces. New faces mean those, coming to start their new education life here. New faces are there all around the campus…at the corridors discussing about the next class, at the coffee shops introducing with each other, at the hostel dining hall waiting at the long queue for their turn or on the roads enjoying the new campus. These faces can be recognized very easily…because those who are in formal outfits or a bit hesitation in every thing, are the new comers to the campus. Slowly these faces will also get some thing different leaving the actual one far behind, with the passing time. Those formal outfits may turn to the small damn care outfits….those, who are discussing about the next class may become the expert in bunking the classes or those, who are hesitating at every thing may get the enough smartness in every thing….may be some of them will remain the same as they are now.

Seeing them, I simply recall my first college day on which I became so nervous that I did not leave my uncle’s hand. I met so brilliant students on my first day that I started hesitating to discuss about the so called percentages we carried that time. My college life started in its own, wearing new formal outfits, maintaining every thing very care fully. I started staying from my home for the first time…so did not know much how to keep my belongings carefully. I kept all my new salwar kammezes in one bag. One day I kept my bag open and found all my outfits torn in the next morning. All my dresses got damaged by the rats over the night. I had nothing to wear for my classes, which I could not miss also. Finally I some how managed from my friends mismatched dressings for some days until my next outfits got ready. Those were my first steps in my life to handle it myself, to take care of it myself, to judge every thing myself and to build an independent life myself.

I also got changed myself a bit after landing for my new education at a new place. I updated my outfits also to some extent maintaining with the passage of time, with the new life. It was said that, girls could be seen every evening hanging one carry bag in their hand in the Uzan bazar area (Guwahati)…because Uzan bazar is till famous for tailors. The Uzan bazar road is covered both side by the tailors shops. Exactly…..I still visit the Asha Tailors for my new salwar whenever I am in Guwahati.

Anyway, I was caused harm by the rats over one night. But later on, in my university life, I had to keep alert all the time for the monkeys. I think, Gauhati university campus is famous for monkeys also….those who stay in the campus, should understand the scary attacks of the monkeys. Monkeys are there all around….on the roads, in the hostel campus, in the hostel rooms or in the hostel bath rooms also. We could not go out side our room leisurely only because of those monkeys. We had to be alert all the time for them, because we could not predict when they would attack us. That was really a horrible situation for me…because I sacred a lot for the monkeys. They were even more dangerous also.

But luckily, I did not face any harm due to them…except one very minor loss during my stay. I lost some of my outfits which were there on the roof of our hostel building and I was said that that was due to the monkeys. Because that day, some other girls also lost their cloths. That was my minor loss in comparison with the heavy attacks by the monkeys. Unfortunately, my room mate was attacked by them very badly after my leaving.

My life is filled with the experiences of several people….may be some of them good and some of them painful also, from which I got lessons from different ways. Have you believed that I got lessons from those animals also……so funny!!!!! But I can not ignore them…honestly.

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