Variety in friendship

28 Jul

My 7.22 am Church gate local means a group of people from Mira road who never miss the train for a single day. Among that group, some people are coming from Vasai road also, that is my station(??). When Mira road comes, people generally get ready to be a part of the conversations of that group who never bother others. Some times their conversations become a bit indigestible to some extent. I generally prefer to be quiet at my journeys rather than to talk with others. So if not necessary I do not say anything to those group…but still I came to know their names…Swati, Dipti, Shalu ( I think she is Shalini), Harleen, Sima etc etc. They are train friends….because their friendship is bounded inside the trains only. I have learnt this type of friendship here in Mumbai only. Because my husband says that those people will not get any chance to meet at other places, except in the trains, due to their busy and unmatched schedule. That’s why I think they never miss the trains, because if they miss then the chance of meeting their train friends will be gone for one day. I have seen some of them boarding on that train to meet their friends only.

Some times I salute them for their friendship. Because only to meet the train friends, their adjustment inside the heavy crowded trains should be appreciated also. Anyway, whatever be their adjustments with themselves or with the other people, I kept a concept (mis concept??) about them that they had a very strong group within them for which no body would get chances to argue with them.

Among them, I have seen that Swati always blocks the door hanging herself on the foot board. She neither stands inside the train nor she lets others to stand at the foot board. I did not understand why people never said anything for that. She travels every day at the same train as if that train is her own ancestors’ property. They even enjoy in blocking the door at Borivali. They never allow the Borivali people to board in the train if there is sufficient place inside the train also.

I always watch them silently. Because before saying some thing to others, we should have enough logic and enough arguing in built capability in us and I am damn sure I will never win the battle. So there was no other options for me rather than to digest them some times and waiting for some one else who could point out their fault.

Today also, Swati did not allow one student to board the train…her logic was that there was not enough space inside the train. But there was actually some places where some people could easily get in. The student boarded forcefully, because she was hurry for her classes. But the situation became horrible afterwards. Some body started arguing with Swati for her behavior to that Borivali girl, pointing her fault. But Swati did not admit it, instead of it, she even started quarreling with that girl. Though I knew her nature, still I thought that she might have the faith on her friends to join her in her arguments against others. But she was wrong. Her friends did not say a single word for her. They kept quiet in the whole journey….Swati might got hurt by her friends’ attitudes more than her arguments. Just like me, the other daily passengers also got surprised at their friendships….their understandings about the value of a friendship.

My day started with that confusion which I also carry some times….the actual meaning of friendship. I do not know what is called friendship…is it some thing which we should care every time for saying some thing or should not be care enough to insult some body. I am quite puzzled about its actual definition, because I have seen quite a few friendships which can not give me enough confidence or some times which can be taken for granted also.

For me, friend was some one with whom we could share any thing without a second thought, but with a respected mind and with an emotional attachment. For me, friend was some one whom we could not meet for several years, but the spiritual attachment must be there always when we thought of them. For me, friends should not be of any personal benefits, should not be a way of disturbances or some irritations.

But I think Swati might also be very puzzled throughout the day about the concept of friendship.

If we are quite doubt about its concept, then just think about the concept of a Pen friend….think about the definition of a workshop friend, think about the feelings of some mobile friends….


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2 responses to “Variety in friendship

  1. Karthiyayini

    July 29, 2011 at 3:12 am

    Very nice post Stuti…It has left me wondering about the actual meaning of friendship…..
    Hope our friendship lives long…..Have a nice day

  2. stuti ranjeet konwar

    July 29, 2011 at 5:02 am

    Thnks di


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