I am growing up mama….

25 Jul

To be very frank, Kolkata airport seems to be the fish market some times….so crowded, so clumsy and even more difficult to find available seats to pass your boring times. My flight from Kolkata to Mumbai was also a bit boring….boring means dry….where there is nothing for your entertainment, then the entertainment should be managed by yourself…..either by sleeping in the whole fly or by watching some movies or listening music in your own ipod. I reached the airport a bit earlier than my actual departure. I generally like to pass some of my time in the airports, visiting the different stalls or enjoying the whole environment.

But I did not imagine Kolkata airport to be more dry than my flight. Being a bit earlier than my time, I was not issued the boarding pass. The ground staff asked me to wait for some time….wait means where should I wait??? I had not seen any seats all around nearby the counters. There were people sitting at the different side nearby the arrival. I asked the security person to get in that area since those were the only seats available in the whole airport. But he refused me because that place was already very crowded….when I asked him where should I kill my time, he replied me simply that that’s my problem.

Horrible yaar…..I was a passenger, not the visitor to see off some body. Finally I informed the ground staff of my airlines. They managed me one seat some how at that place. Luckily I got one seat in the whole airport. The environment was so clumsy and indiscipline that people could not believe that it was an International airport. Moreover there was no coffee bar, no stalls…nothing in that side. I noticed one foreigner was searching for a coffee shop for quite a several time….but nobody could help her. She was about to fly for Hongkong….Poor old lady!!!

What to do….I decided to watch the movie Dhobi Ghat in my laptop, the only movie which was on my desktop at that time. But after an hour, the battery showed the red signal. I got interest about it….the way Kittu Gidwani was placed in that movie, the life of an artist with a different hair style, the lonely life of an unknown wife who spent her time with her video camera etc etc. I had still two hours for my flight……so started searching for a plug point. The only board where people could charge their electronics equipments were busy by other passengers. So ultimately I left the movie half watched….in fact it might be forever half watched also.

In Guwahati airport, it is said that people never miss the Agartala flight…for the first time fliers also…because if you do not know the proper directions of the gate through which you are to move to the flight, just take your seat nearby those passengers who are taking roti sabji and some times sweets also very deliciously with the fellow passengers.

I noticed the same environment here in Kolkata airport also. People like to carry the stuffs rather than to buy at its highest rate inside the airport. Just in front of me, I was watching the group enjoying their home made stuffs as if they were coming for a family picnic!!!! Honestly speaking, this sort of activities make the airport environment to be more chaos in its way. I do not know how people are allowed some times to bring the home made stuffs inside the airport.

Anyway, whatever be the reason, I enjoyed a lot watching the people here and there inside it. I enjoyed the scene of affection of one mother to her ill child who did not like to focus himself to be suffered from high fever and liked to pretend himself to be OK in the crowd. He even got irritated at his mother’s affection showed in front of every one. He was repeatedly saying his mother the same sentence….I am growing up mama…I am not a kid any more.

Poor mother, how her kids will understand that her kids are always kids for her eyes.

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