Some feelings about you, for the last time….

22 Jul

There was a story about a herdsman…..mostly popular in all the languages. It is in fact a moral story which carries the moral lines to the community not to play with the crowd by lies. The herdsman grazes the cows every night at the field nearby his village which is beside a forest. One night, he plans to play with the village crowd shouting falsely to rescue him from a tiger which comes to the field. The village crowd come to help him. But they get angry due to his fake shouting for a fake tiger. But the herdsman plays the same story for two three days with the village people. Unfortunately, one day, the tiger really comes to the field. But this time the village people do not come to save him. The herdsman gets killed only because of his own misfortune and own misleadings to the village people.

I read this story at my childhood…but never thought it to mention in my blogs. I generally write those things which touched my heart. But at the last days of my stay in Kolkata, I had to listen this story from my friends who might get some misconcepts about me. I admit that I am quite a free frank girl(woman??)….my free frank nature some times gets criticized also. But still I try to maintain my own boundary…..rather I can say that I am a fairly conservative girl maintaining a balanced relation with every one. But here, in Kolkata, only because of being from Mumbai, I am asked for the first time in my life whether I drink/smoke or not??? Only because of being from Mumbai, I am rather categorized to be a materialistic person who does not understand others feelings. Only because of being from Mumbai, I got the comments that some times I crossed the boundary which should be there in every body’s life.

After coming to Kolkata, I came to know what people think about the people of Mumbai.

Few days back, I got a severe pain in my stomach…I knew it was only because of the foods which we are taking every day. But my pain was a serious pain, I could not resist my pain. But there was no body whom I could call….actually I did not want to inform the Guest house people about it, because one simple pain might get its highest speculations. I did not want to inform every body….moreover I did not have every body’s mobile number whom I could call. Still I managed some how to inform my junior who brought medicines for me and which recovered me later on.

Kolkata gave me more than my expectations….exactly since I have fallen in love with it. Where there is Love, there should be pains also. Those pains might come in the form of misconcepts or some thing else….I do not know. But some how, at some places I got hurt also due to some factors. Those factors, I totally admit due to me only.

Anyway, pains should not be carried along with us….if some thing seems to be gone wrong way, then we should leave it straight away at that place. I am spending quite a few memorable moments with you Kolkata….whatever be the pains you are giving me now, that should not be kept in my mind. We should stop at that point from where our mis understandings get started….otherwise we can not carry our sweet short memories in our life. Being a Mathematician, we should be rather inside a closed unit ball….not beyond the limit points where things would become more complicated.

I think this is my last blog in Kolkata….I am leaving you, but not with the pains, but with the sweet memories spent with you Kolkata.


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2 responses to “Some feelings about you, for the last time….

  1. Karthiyayini

    July 25, 2011 at 5:26 am

    A very nice post… I guess you have been hurt by something or somebody in Kolkatta…..
    I hope you remember only the good time that you spent there…


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