I need it some times

19 Jul

My college friend Pankaj wrote one good quotation in one of his letters which he sent me at that time….it was about the letter writing…”Letter writing is the most delightful way of wasting time”…this was well said by some one else. But I still remember this quotation and still can feel the sacred friendship in his beautiful and heart touching letters to me which I kept with me till date. He was in fact my best friend at my college life with whom I could share any problems. At the end of our college life, I could not stop myself from crying….
those were my mixed feelings…mixed with the departure from my favorite college, because I decided to do my Master course in some where else, the departure from my friends and of course with the feelings of a newly Graduate holding my certificate for my mother.

From that day, our meetings became less in numbers…which we thought to be quite impossible in staying away from each others. All of my college friends got scattered in different parts of India. So there was hardly any chance to get together again at some place. My friend Pankaj also shifted to Pune for his Master course. We did not meet for several years, but still we had a good communication by the letters…because at that time, mobile did not land at its position. Gradually, though we came to the same place to continue our days, still we did not get too much time to spend together…more appropriately we did not require to meet to each other because we could convey our messages through our mobiles.

We are having our own mobiles…so there is nothing any interesting and sensible in wasting our time in writing letters…because we can talk to each other whenever we require. Slowly the amazement of writing or waiting for letters go down from its position. My mother also feels the absence of letters…once there was a time when we used to write letters sending the news in detail, which we are doing now by our mobiles calling almost five times in a day. Like me, my mother also keeps all my letters, her sisters’ letters very care fully in her suitcase, which some times she opens to read them again, refreshing her mind by returning back to those sweet moments.

Emails and mobile phones are the most convenient and necessary way in communicating with some one in seconds. It is really a very suitable and easy way for communication. Now Internet provides so much facility that we can be in a very good communication with all our friends and relatives by the different social networking sites.

But honestly speaking, I am really missing my letter writing habit…I wrote countless letters to my mother, to my friends among whose some of them were of course love letters also. I am missing the Peon also for whom I used to wait in my hostel life…missing those countless moments which could not be passed some times. I still open my door to the peons, but these peons carry the letters from the HDFC bank or the ICICI bank or some other letter from the paper agency or my husband’s some official letters.

Now, I have none to send letters…more interestingly being a married woman, I can not write Love letters to any one…except my husband. But I can not say confidently that my husband can write love letters or not…because so far I know him he is not a person to show his feelings frequently and clearly. I can not say about his past life where he wrote love letters or not.

The more the electronics media stands at its position, the more people are becoming crazy about its usage…but I can not find the pleasure in sending some messages through mobiles or mails rather than letters. I can not be satisfied myself in sending them or receiving them also as well. For me, some thing should be there which we can feel later on also and for which we can spend some of our time also. But the main problem is the time wasting problem.

I know it better that today’s busy world will never give me the chance to waste some one’s valuable time in writing or reading letters…may it be the love letter also. But honestly speaking, I need some one some time, to whom I can send letters and need some letters also whose fragrance I can feel in my hand.

But today’s materialistic life can not accept easily some one’s true friendship….then how can they accept some one’s letters which may carry some feelings also without any harm. Today, letter writing can not be the delightful way to waste time, in fact it is the most risky way to waste some one’s life.

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