17 Jul

I heard the name of the Ganga Sagar from my friend Abhishek. From the very beginning he was very keen to visit that place… is the meeting point of the Ganga with the Bay of Bengal. I had no idea about that place, nor I had heard about it. But after listening the spiritual importance of that place, I promised him to visit the place during our workshop time. I have visited the Triveni Sangam three times….so I could imagine the natural scenario of such type of places. Still I gave my word to accompany them to Ganga Sagar.

Accordingly we arranged the trip. My friends collected all the informations about it and informed all our friends about the trip, so that they could also join us if they wished. But we became frustrated when we were discouraged by some of them. Those Kolkata local people tried to pull us down saying that there was nothing to visit Ganga Sagar and rather it was impossible to return back in the same day. But interestingly, being the local of Kolkata, they have not visited the place yet. We got tensed after getting such type of insecure informations from the local people.

But my friends took it as the greatest challenge in their life to visit that place any how….because they were quite confident about it that Ganga Sagar could not be a wrong selection to visit. I also joined them. Accordingly we, total eleven participants, started our journey in a Tata Sumo to Ganga Sagar. To reach the main spot, we had to cross the Ganga river and from there again we traveled almost 30 minutes journey.

Ganga Sagar is a clean beach where Ganga meets with the Sea. It is a holy place where thousands of people come to take bath at the meeting point and to enjoy the natural beauty. I lost myself in its beauty…lost my presence in the midst of the meeting point, tried to touch my soul in the sacred waters and even tried to capture the whole environment in my heart forever….

I have visited quite a few places all around India….but I am damn sure that I will never get that pleasure in my life which I found some thing at the Ganga Sagar. I must say that, Ganga Sagar brought to me my Sangam also with some one else, who may be every where….in the heaven, in my soul or in my spiritual thoughts.

We completed our most challenging and most exciting trip with the complete Indian people….from Kashmir to Chennai, Bangalore and from Jodhpur to Guwahati….we can better say that at Ganga Sagar, it was conferenced eleven people from different places with different religions and customs….but nothing different in our mind. Those moments would be the most beautiful moments in my life spending few from it in the open sky with my friends with thousands of people.

I simply thank all my friends for making my life so beautiful taking some promises at the Ganga’s Sangam itself. These are the best days of my life.

NB. Dedicated to all my friends with whom I visited Ganga Sagar. I am rather sorry for my Kolkata local friends who had no idea about their own places.

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