I really missed you…

15 Jul

I forced every one to enjoy one show at the Birla planetarium in Kolkata. Though I enjoyed the same type of show at that planetarium years back, still I showed my high interest to watch it again. My friends could not say NO to me….in fact they had not any idea about the show in a planetarium. That helped me to insist them to accompany me to watch it, because I liked the show, where I could feel the open sky with thousands of stars all around it….no matter whether it was artificial or original. I liked to feel such type of environment inside the planetarium.

Finally my friends accompanied me to experience a new thought and a new feeling in Kolkata planetarium….because they were convinced by me so nicely that they started imagining some thing extra and new inside the planetarium. They also became excited while entering the planetarium and tried to ignore the sounds of their empty stomachs, because we did not take our lunch till then and we planned to watch the show before our lunch.

It was of half an hour show…..but this half an hour became the most artificial moment in my friends’ life. Because they could not imagine people who could spend money to spend some time under such an artificial sky. For them, the whole concept was really some thing very shocking and boring for them, in which people made a long queue. Because in their life, they enjoy lots of moments under the open sky filled with twinkling stars naturally, for which they have not to pay a single paisa.

They even got very surprised why I was excited for that show. I was helpless….I did not understand how I could convince my friends about the excitement of an artificial open sky show, who were coming from the Kashmir University, the Jannat of India,coming from Jodhpur, the place of Emperors, from Chandigarh, the most beautiful city in India and Aligarh Muslim University, the land of Mughals. God has given whole heartedly the nature to them, for which they have not to go any place to feel the open sky.

Yesterday, I chatted with my senior Deepen da…he asked me what I have found in Kolkata for which I have fallen in love with it. Because he was also here for one month before landing Mumbai. He watched the movies and plays at Nandan, purchased lots of books at Boi Para and roamed the whole city quite a few times after wards also. But he could not find any such charm of this city so that people could fall in love with it, except the cheapest life style. My friends also asked me why I am becoming more attached with this city, what I have found in this city which is not in Mumbai.

Exactly, I have found some thing here in Kolkata which is not in Mumbai. I am staying in such a nice environment in the ISI, guest house which I would never find in Mumbai. I could not find a place in Mumbai where my living room would be on the bank of a beautiful and large pond, surrounded by the coconut trees. Adding with these, I find here the culture of simple living and high thinking of all our faculty members in ISI, I find here that atmosphere from where I can carry those things which I will not find in Mumbai. That is the reason, for which my friends quoted that I can not feel the fragrance of the wind, can not feel the touch of the wind which moves on all the time touching my hand, can not spend my time under the shadow of the tree feeling the fragrance of books or whistling some favorite songs on my mouth.

Really I can not do those things for which I have no time in my life. We have not to worry about the cool weather in Mumbai, because we are addicted in sleeping in an AC room. We can not waste our time in looking outside through our windows in nights, because we get irritated in seeing the concretes throughout the day. We never think to walk for a moment after our dinner because we become hesitated in taking the dust inside with our breath.

I really miss this environment in Mumbai in which I am staying right now.

Hope you people understand my feelings.

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