It can be done only once…

11 Jul

In Guwahati, my local guardian was my friend, philosopher and guide. He was my uncle who had seen the world quite nicely and was quite experienced also in that matter. He showed me the route of life, got introduced with me with actual picture of life, the true sense of struggling and many more. Even today also, I boldly admit that whatever I am today, that was begun by him only….because without his support and shelter, most probably I could have not been there to complete my college life.

Any way, one day, at his office, I saw him giving Rs.5/- to a kid who asked him for it to buy some chocolates. That little kid was his owner’s son. When my uncle gave him that money, I asked him why he did not oppose that kid pointing that his habit of asking money from any one at his age was not a good habit….in fact it might become danger at his young age. Then my uncle told me that the little kid asked him Rs.5/- to buy some chocolates, which my uncle did not have with him at that time. After that day, the little kid could not ask him again for money to buy chocolate, because once he had asked him for the same. If the kid would ask, then that should be for different reason which my uncle could oppose at that time. Because people can not ask the same person for the same thing…he may be a kid also or an aged person also…..if he has the minimum self respect or the minimum courtesy.

We, all the research scholars get the travel grant to attend some academic programs…….may be field work or conference or workshops or schools also. In that travel, every thing can be included…from the auto fare to the flight fare….but it should be produced with proper valid original receipts of every expenditure. We are also provided the Daily Allowance which includes our Hotel rent if we are not provided the accommodation. But this is happened only in the case of field works……because in conferences and workshops, the organizing committee arrange well managed accommodations for all the delegates.

There was a group working under a project under my guide…which was basically a statistical analysis program. That was something as the data collection project of different schools of all over Assam. It was related to some specific subject matter. In that project, the project fellows had to visit different schools of Assam to collect the concerned datas.

At their one trip, they had to visit the some schools in Silchar. But that 4 people group had one fellow from Silchar. So when they visited there, their friend asked to stay them at his residence. That was nice for them also…because staying at their friend’s residence was better than staying in some hotels. More over, their friend was also in their research group. But they used their cunning plan in submitting their TA and DA bills. We people have to submit the complete travel diary to the Head of the Institute along with the respective receipts. Since they did not stay at hotels, so their DA might not be granted for them. So they prepared some fake receipts in the name of some hotels themselves taking the print outs and using some one’s stamp also and arranged them so nicely that no body could get them as the fake receipts.

They submitted their TA and DA bills accordingly mentioning very high amount in those receipts regarding every thing. But my guide got them to be the fake receipts, since he visited that place before and he had very good communications with his students who were there at some job. But still he did not oppose to sign over them because he had no strong and valid proofs against them. But he could understood the personalities of his own students. He signed on their bills and they got the exact amount also which they mentioned in their fake receipts.

But my guide did not allow them to visit any places afterwards and after finishing that project, they had to quit my guide’s company, because my guide did not allow them to do any research projects or research jobs under that Department. They had to quit their research field only because of some fake receipts of some amount which was not sufficient for their whole life. They thought only for their present, not for their future. They did not think it twice that if they would lose the faith of their guide, then their life would get stopped at that point at which they betrayed their guide.

Just like my uncle, it is really said that people can cheat other for once in their life…..because the raw and sour mangoes can be sold in the market for once only…not repeatedly.

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