First think for yourself…

10 Jul

Finally we planned to roam the Kolkata city…the city of TRUMS, the city of Metro, the city of Art and the city of Thakur. At the break fast table, my friend asked the Guest house manager about the Lunch, which we planned to skip yesterday. My friend asked it for others, not for himself. I appreciated it….appreciated his thoughts, his feelings for others. Then the manager asked me whether I thought for others or not. I replied NO.

Yes, it is true that I try to think for myself first, then for others. I am the person who wish to fill my stomach first, then feed others….my logic is that if I will keep empty my stomach, then how can I help others with a weak physique. In the flights also, you are suggested to breathe first by the artificial air bag, then help others. I am not that type of person who gives my whole Roti to others keeping me hungry. If there is only one Roti left in my hand and I have to help some body who is also hungry like me, then I will share the Roti with that person….but will not give the complete Roti to him by keeping my stomach empty….who knows he might not give me one single piece of it also.

A pregnant lady takes food for both of them…for her and for her baby in her womb also. After delivery, she should first think for herself just for her baby…whose food is dependent on her. She should take food first, then feed her baby. She should be strong enough to carry her baby….it is not that she gives her whole food to her kids and fails to carry her own kids due to her weak ness.

My mother became the most selfish person when she suggested some parent to take the sufficient food herself to take care of her own son who was a serious patient, admitted in the hospital. For that parent, my mother was the most selfish person in this world who could think for her stomach while her son was in hospital. But after some days, when her son got released from the hospital, she got admitted in the same seat due to her weakness. This is the fact where emotions come first, leaving far behind the practical thoughts. But my mother kept herself fit all the time to serve my father who was 6 months in the Nursing home for his Diabetes and who left this world afterwards. After serving day and night continuously in those 6 months, my mother did not break down physically…even mentally also. Because she had to carry her responsibilities which our father left for her….she had to overcome all the obstacles which might come on the way of a widow.

My sister’s strict life motto is this….first think for yourself. Because she believes that if you give your every thing to others then people will take them completely…without thinking for you a bit. So she always saves some thing for her own, then gives others from the rest of them. Because in this world, people are trying to snatch away all from you, if you give the chances to do so….no matter who they are…may be your family members, may be your in-laws, may be your friends or may be your colleagues. She noticed that people never said NO when you offered some thing, no matter what might be your financial condition. This was happened mostly with her in-laws…they were never concerned about her problem. People would take more, when you would give them more. So she stopped thinking for others first, because people never thought for her first…then why she???

More critical points were there with her friend’s in-laws. Her friend gave the gift voucher to her sister-in-law which her husband gave her at her birthday. Her friend felt bad to buy some thing in Gold in that amount before her sister-in-law who was also at the same age. So she decided to give the gift voucher to her sister-in-law to buy some thing for her. Without saying a single word, her sister-in-law accepted the gift voucher and took two Gold items for her own. She did not think for a single moment for her friend who did not hesitate to give her birthday gift to her. Her friend thought that her sister-in-law would definitely ask her to take one item for her own. But instead of it, she took the both items for her, without feeling any thing bad in taking some one’s birthday gift.

This definitely arises a question of Courtesy.

Few days back, I watched one TV serial which carries different stories in every episode. That was about a Mathematics teacher who taught other students his subject instead of his own son. He never taught his son a single Sum. But at the final examination, every one secured good marks in his subject, but his son failed in it.

My mother always suggests me to clean my Door steps first before stepping out to clean others….suggests me to help others without hampering my works, my life.

What do you think????

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