Hindi is not our National language

07 Jul

Besides the arguments on Banach Alaoglu Theorem, Reisz Representation Theorem or the Krien-Milman Theorem, here the arguments are going on different topics also. Today’s argument really touched me where I became speechless for the moment. It is a very unfair Truth that the South Indian people never use the Hindi Language. They even do not try to follow the language from others also. Honestly speaking, they are always carrying one strong logic about it that they do not get the chances to learn the language because no body speaks this language at their place.

Whenever I meet them, I always ask them to speak in Hindi….though every body can talk with them in English. But they always give the same logic that in their place, people are not using Hindi. Interestingly they are not even very much interested in the Hindi movies also….no matter how many of them switch to Bollywood. I think this is the only reason why they can not learn our National language….because to learn some new language you should have to interact with other in that language.

Any way, here in ISI, Kolkata also, I have met many friends who are coming from IIT, Madras, ISI, Bangalore, University of Hyderabad who can not understand a single word in Hindi…..speaking in Hindi is far away from this point. I always ask them why they do not follow Hindi, because Hindi should be known to every Indian. If some body do not like the language, then still they should learn our National language. When I asked Venkatesh why he did not speak in Hindi, he asked me in return that why I did not speak in Telugu???? I replied him that Telugu is not my state language, so it might not be compulsory for me to learn that language. But he asked me then why I asked him to speak in my language… language????

Hello…Hindi is not only my language…it is every Indian’s language. If you do not want to be recognized as Indian, then it’s your question…but I am not asking you to speak in my mother tongue Assamese.

This is the concept these people always carry with them….it’s a bitter truth…but it is the fact.

Today, in the dining hall, we again got the chance to take our breakfast together at the same table. Then again the Hindi speaking point arose at the place. We were arguing among us about the importance of the Hindi language. Whenever this type of arguments were there, they always placed the same logic. I pointed out that was not enough to prove themselves about the learning of our National language…because they have attended many programs throughout India where they could take the chance to learn this language. Because we make the system, system does not make us. If some body starts speaking Hindi at their place also, then it will be the same place like other places of India. Only because of the rare Hindi speaking, people hesitate to visit their places. Those, who are alloted at their place for the services or study or other purposes, face lots of problems with their local language speaking habit. Rural area people’s lack of knowledge about Hindi may be excused….but the ignorance of the city area people can not be accepted any how. Because how much the outsiders suffer from their local language, they at least can not imagine.

Any way, during our arguments, one person joined us. He was not here to attend our program. He supported the logic of my South Indian friends. He in fact placed one statement that Hindi is not our National language…it is not written any where that it should be known to every Indian. He even pointed out strongly that we should not impose others forcefully to use some body’s own language!!!!

Honestly speaking, this touched me a lot. He gave the logic that being from a Hindi speaking state from North India, he never used Hindi as his communicative language. Hindi may be a common language for the Indians…but not the National language!!!!

My south Indian friends won the argument….now it is proved that Hindi should not be learnt any more by them. They can avoid this language.

But so far my knowledge is concerned, I know Hindi to be our National language, not an optional common language. But still I could not speak a single word against them in support of the point of learning Hindi…because it is said that if majority of people say that it is an apple, at some moment, you will definitely think it twice about the orange which is in your hand about which you are damn confident.

I also thought it for the second time…then my puzzle was solved by one professor who was from Bangalore and who came here to deliver his lectures in the Graph Algorithm workshop. His point was that “If some body does not want to introduce himself as the child of his own parents, then it is his problem to get subsidized from them after recognizing them.”

Really we can say that Hindi is not accepted in those places…they have no emotions about our National language….that’s why all these arguments take place all the time.


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13 responses to “Hindi is not our National language

  1. Rajesh Sharma

    July 7, 2011 at 2:14 pm

    Thanks for such a nice article. Actually Hindi shares official language status along with English as per our constitution. We in Assam were taught that Hindi is our national language and it should be as per my views. In North East the credit for spreading Hindi goes to Rashtra Bhasha Prachar Samiti and acceptability of people from North East.

    South India does not accept Hindi as Rashtra bhasha as it is not included into their primary/secondary schooling. Government is also not much serious about Hindi nowadays. The funds spared for the promotion of language are going in pocket of politicians.

  2. Quark

    August 10, 2011 at 11:45 am

    It’s true Stuti ba that Hindi is just official language according to the constitution of India and not national language. In a country like India which is full of diverse culture and languages, let Hindi (along with English) better remain an official language, imposing it on others who don’t accept it from heart will not boost national integrity, rather it will deteriorate. Also, while promoting Hindi as a national language (thereby fooling people in some sense), central government is forgetting that it has led to death of many local languages in North East India. Recently there was a UN report which said around 100 tribal languages in NE India are in the path of extinction which is a disgrace.Anyway apunar experience bilak pohi bhal lagise, likhi thakibo, ami pohi thakim 🙂


  3. Jay

    September 19, 2011 at 9:26 pm

    I’m shocked by your ignorance. India has no national language but it has 22 offical languages. Even the Highcourt gave the same judgement when a north indian wanted all the product labels to be in hindi in west and southern states.
    here is the link in the newspaper about the judement:

    india is a political and economic union, it has no common language, common historical king or a common culture. trying to force ur language hindi on others is dangerous. when west pakistan forced urdu on east pakistan it declared independence and became bangladesh. So instead of imposing ur language hindi just realise all 22 offical languages have equal status.

  4. Sachin

    October 8, 2011 at 1:09 pm

    Yar,this is true that hindi is not our national language but 1 of the official languages.v shu’d respect evry1’s languag

  5. Ershad

    March 25, 2012 at 10:19 am

    I would like to make a point here.I am from Tamil nadu .We never asked others to learn our own mother tongue. And we are also expecting the same from others.There are 22 official regional languages are there in india,Each language has their own culture and value.There wont be any replacement or substitute for our own mother tougue.

    I disagree the point which professor had mention. We know who is our parents and we want to be child for our own parents, instead of step parent.

    And we have more emotional feeling about our India,Indian culture and all Indian people. We no need to show our emotion by learning Hindi language.

  6. Ajith

    June 8, 2012 at 6:47 am

    According to the 2001 census around 40% of India can speak in Hindi. It is the most widely spoken language in India and is the official language. There is no national language in India.
    An individual should be free to choose the language he speaks. I believe the country was founded on democratic principles upholding the rights of individuals against tyranny.
    Just like I do not have a right to make you write this post in a different language, you don’t have a right to expect others to do things the way you like.
    You have a right to have an opinion and a right to express it.
    I am not going to uphold any single language. If you speak in Hindi alone and if someone wants to talk to you m sure they have the choice to learn Hindi to speak with you or not speak with you at all. It is that choice which matters.
    Now if you start attacking the freedoms of fellow citizens and wish to force upon them a language you prefer, it is a dangerous thing. What next? Religion?
    In a complex society like India, there wont be harmony unless people start respecting other individuals more.

  7. Jake

    July 7, 2012 at 3:12 pm

    Who cares about Hindi?I only care about Malayalam.Hindi is just an alien language for me and North India’s regional language.There are 22 official languages in India.If some Hindi walas ask me to learn Hindi,I’d ask them to learn Malayalam.Simple as that.People who relate Hindi with patriotism can’t be considered as Indians but terrorists working in India to disunite Indians.

  8. Jake

    July 7, 2012 at 3:16 pm

    Let me tell you by talking Hindi you won’t be an Indian and my forcing others to talk in your language,you are just a terrorist working in India.If you ever come to Kerala,we will teach you Malayalam and you will cry for your soul because we don’t respect Hindi as our language.We respect any South Indian or North East Indian languages more than you guys and let me say you.North Indian languages are considered talked by beggars here so we don’t really love to talk language talked by NI beggars lol

  9. talegari

    September 1, 2012 at 1:05 pm

    Good writing.

    We love `one India’ and its `unity by diversity’ and so our native languages. The court decision is a clear hit on a average northie’s ego. We are happy with our languages here in south, kannada in bengaluru. We respect other languages but not others highhandedness.


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