Cabin Vs Ghar

06 Jul

So far my knowledge is concerned, ISI, Kolkata is the best among all the Indian Statistical Institutes at different places. If it is wrong also, Still I must say that ISI, Kolkata, has some thing in it’s own….though I have not visited the other campuses. It has it’s own dignity….it has some thing special in it’s recognition which must be appreciated by the people who has the chances to visit this campus. It carries it’s own status itself. The people all around the campus, the atmosphere inside the campus, the different ponds all over the campus and of course the work culture which we have seen in these days are quite admirable. Specially I like the attitudes of the faculty members who are taking our classes these days in different topics from the Topological Vector spaces to the Dual spaces.

I am happy at the most with Subrata sir, because I have done a bit from his portions…..of course Pradipto sir and Debashish sir also there whom teaching should also be mentioned as very attractive and attentive.

Any way, we have not still got the chances to roam the city….just plan to roam all around in the coming weekend.

Our classes are at A.N. Kolmogorov Bhavan…the tall beautiful building which stands strongly at its position carrying the pride of ISI. It has one Lecture room named as l-infinity….perfect naming for a perfect division…that is Math Stats Department. We got the chance to attend our yesterday’s after noon classes at this lecture room.

From the very beginning, I noticed one word spoken by every faculty or ISI people, may be students or research scholars or other employees or other people inside the campus….it is GHAR. I could not understand exactly what they wanted to mean by this term. Since Assamese and Bengali are almost similar language, so I can understand some of the terms of the Bengali language also. But GHAR means the House or Home or the building in Assamese term.

But when I heard that “Ghare Chabi ta Acche na???”…I will normally understand some thing asking about the key of the respective person’s house. At the first, I understood in that way also. But, yesterday I could clear my doubt when Prodipto sir asked some one to take the marker pens from his GHAR while he was taking his class at the l-infinity lecture room. I thought that if the respective person would go to his residence to collect the marker pens, then the class might be finished at his returning back to the pavilion, because the lecture room was at the 5th floor of that building. But to my great surprise, the respective person returned back within 5 minutes taking the marker pens from Pradipto sir’ Ghar…..Ghar means cabin, the personal cabins where the faculty members are sitting.

No doubt, in ISI the faculty members’ or may be the other employees’ Ghars are very well managed….all are partitioned separately with centrally air-conditioned facility and sound proof facility also.

I got quite impressive in using the language here by the faculty members also. Honestly I do not know the exact word of CABIN when it will be translated to Assamese. But now I can say the word in Bengali….if cabin defines the Ghar, then what the other words will define against Hall, class room or study room….quite impressive.

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