We make Mathematics……

05 Jul

Finally we had to buy the Functional Analysis book by Walter Rudin….because we have to survive any how at this ISI campus for 20 more days. If we would not be a bit serious about our studies, then the daily routine of our classes would definitely swallow us completely till the end. So we are trying our best to give some attention in our studies after taking the heavy lunch also. Already, one thing is strongly proved that Kolkata people like to eat sweets and like to offer the sweet dishes to their guests also….regardless how much their guest likes the sweets. Besides the sweets provided at every meal with sweet curd, they are repeatedly offering us the packets which contain five different items of sweets with one salty item, at the end of every day’s session. It is meant that they like to start the session with sweets and like to pack up for the day with sweets also….no matter what goes on in between the day.

From our language, we can say that with the bitter taste of the topological vector spaces and the weak* topology along with the Hahn Banach Theorem, they are rather trying to give some sweetness by those sweet items.

Any way, today I am a bit relaxed after attending the classes…no matter how much I could follow their Theorems or not. I got relaxed sharing the spiritual thoughts with Abhishek, who is coming from Jodhpur.

We, the people make Mathematics, not the Mathematics which makes us…..exactly….Mathematics is surviving strongly at its position only because of we people. If we do not maintain the minimum relation with it, then it has no meaning of surviving in this world. That’s why we should swallow Mathematics rather than to let Mathematics to swallow us.

These are the spiritual concepts he has….with which he is continuing his life. Whatever be the subject, whatever be the profession, whatever be the place….the ultimate result is our satisfaction. The satisfactions of a daily basis worker and one big scientist end at one point….the end point of life…which is a fixed point on which again we can define lots of Mathematical concepts and proofs.

Mathematics is a game…from which our joy or sorrow will depend on its results respectively.

But honestly speaking, Mathematics seems to be the medicine to survive in the world for we, the sufferers, who are still on their way to get established properly after completing the so-called research. Whenever you will land at the research field, you will start losing the taste of your respective subjects slowly and finally you will have to surrender yourself for your failures which come most of the time suddenly, without any worse symptoms. You will have to digest your subjects till the end because once you land at the research field, all the expected doors will get closed for you people. You are continuing your research, does not mean all the time that you are happy enough with your negative results also…you are bound to complete your research tackling all the obstacles coming to your way….it may be your results, your research papers which are at your guide’s table for long time without a single mark of his pen, your papers which are being communicated for the SCI journals but no results from their side, may be the review button which is shown in the journals’ site for long time, may be the unspoken enmity with your guide or may be the pending decisions of your PhD thesis experts.

This is the actual picture of the current research field in our land…may be the same all over the world. My junior at this program said quite good things about her guide with whom she had recently started working for her PhD program. It’s very good that she got such a good guide in her field….in fact lucky enough on her way. But still I suggested her to pray to GOD to keep the same relation with her Guide till the end of her PhD.

Because we can simply say that….Ae Bhai, jora dekh ke chalo…aage bhi nahin, picche bhi nahin, upor bhi nahin, nicche bhi nahin…..KYA….the shelter of course!!!

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