It’s too behind

03 Jul

I think this is the first blog which carries my thoughts from the spot of my experiences. My blogs are my real incidents which I keep treasured myself to share with you people. Some of them obviously carried the stories of years back. I am boarding on my flight to Kolkata…it’s S2:703, JetLite service….the complete dry air service. Dry means it carries no meal, no water, no entertainment……nothing. Only to pass the boring time by yourself….either by listening music or by watching the different activities of the passengers who start asking the services from the air hostesses from the very beginning of their boarding.

If the air hostesses are a bit beautiful, then the sound of calling them (tung!!!) will seem to be one type of music the air lines use to play inside the flight. Any way, those are some kind of habit or some kind of entertainment they have arranged themselves…..we can rather say that way.

The waiting time at the airport always seems to be enjoyable for me…though I am traveling alone all my tours. Since I am a very clean observer, I like to observe people with their different activities…even try to study their mind when they are sitting alone, pretending to study some book or pretending to be busy enough with their mobile phones….regardless the serious matter of their discussions over their mobile phones. Some seem to be very hurry…in the contrary some take the things casually also as they are the most frequent fliers on their way. Still I am quite surprised to see the people who seem to be very hurry to take their seats in the flights as if the flight will fly away keeping them behind or as if they are running to take their comfortable seats which are first come first service like the city buses!!!!! Those people are always in hurry to get down from the flight also…no matter how much time they will have to wait at the luggage belt to receive their luggages.

During the flight journey, you have to be smart enough to place ourselves properly….some people think that way. One day, at the Delhi airport, we are waiting at the luggage belt to receive our luggages. Suddenly one girl came in a rush asking to excuse her to get her place at the front of us. She was looking very smart with her modern out fits. Then one gentle man asked her in return why we should excuse her???? We were also waiting for our luggages, so what was the logic behind to excuse her in collecting her luggages at the first??? She got her proper reply and without a single word, she subsided from the place.

At my today’s flight, my seat number is 17F….the flight have 23rd or 24th row of seats. I am at the window seat….the other passengers are both gents. The person sitting at the aisle side has asked the middle person when he arrived at the airport. The middle one has replied his time….then the aisle one has said it very regrettably that he arrived lately that’s why he got his seat at the 17th row….which is too behind at the flight. The middle one has asked what is the wrong with the seat number, since all the seats are same in side the flight. The aisle person has replied that since it is too behind, he is not feeling his flight journey comfortable…because it seems to be like the back seats of a bus which are quite uncomfortable for the journey!!!!

Exactly, there will not be any changes with only one creature in this universe…..that is none other than we, the human beings….we are carrying our complaints all the time in our life….no matter whether we are, what we are getting.

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