Getting Tagged

23 Jun

When I first landed in IIT, Bombay, I bought one bag tagging as IIT, Bombay. I bought it because it was a really very beautiful handloom bag. I used it whenever I attended some conferences…….perfect use of the bag. I never thought for a second bag tagged as IIT, Bombay, though I have seen always people inside the IIT campus with those IIT tagged bags, IIT tagged T-shirts, jackets and every thing. But I never thought it to use them out side the campus or to use them in my personal visits.

I am always in the support of living my life with my personality, not with the tag where I am working. I thought that if I am rich enough by my personality, then no need to show others the tagged items where I am working. It depends all on my attitude with whom I am in the great existence. It is not necessary to tell people where I am working, not necessary to carry my IIT attitude all the time….I judged them in that way.

But honestly speaking, whenever I used my IIT tagged bag, I got a different impression from the other people…….even in the crowded Mumbai locals or in the city buses.

Today, I faced that situation which pushed me to take one more IIT tagged bag for my daily use and all other stuffs which I can use in my day to day life….only to show others my destination.

Arguing and quarreling seem to be the routine works in the trains and buses in Mumbai. We people are quite lucky to watch at least one argument in our daily traveling. But I always avoid arguing with any one regarding any disturbances…….because I know people in Mumbai are very expert in using their own slangs and are ever ready to protect themselves. But they never use their hands at the first sight……when their arguments do not work, then they use their hands…….other wise not. Not like me, who used her hand before arguing any thing. That’s why I use to avoid arguing with those who are quite Master in their field.

But my husband always tells me to give the right answer at the right place, so that people will also know that you have also your own TONGUE….because opportunities do not repeat in their way…….exactly. But for me, why should we follow the same path which is used by others???? I have my own path with my own destiny.

But today, at the AC bus, I faced really a very embarrassed situation by one girl who was good with her outfit. The bus was very crowded and we people were at the queue as usual. Because of the completely filled up bus, the driver was about to close the door….there was only one person allowed to get inside of it. I and the girl stepped together at the foot board of the bus….who would be inside??? If I left the chance, then I would have to wait for the next 15 minutes for the next AC bus. So I did not leave my chance……I got in the bus forcefully, but the same thing happened to that girl also. She could also get in the bus……but using some slangs over me who tried to get in with her footsteps. I simply replied her that she was giving her own identity that’s why she recognized me.

After my single reply, she threw several slangs in return against which I had nothing to say. I kept quiet myself..…actually I did not get the chance to hit her for the crowd. More over I thought that in AC bus, every body seems to be very decent in their way by attitude. So why I should follow her path??? But honestly, I could not digest her slangs and felt regretted for not getting the proper chance to give a tight punch on her face. It is true that I can not use my TOUNG but can use my HAND, if it is required.

Later on, I heard that she told some one that it was very unjustified to allow people with low category or lower status to board in the AC bus……because AC buses are meant for the high class of people. Ohhh is it???? I have not seen any where written like that….if you can afford the triple times higher than the normal fare, then what is the problem for other people???

But interestingly, after few moments, she discussed about her job and professions with some one…..from where I came to know that she is quite proud of herself for being the graduate in Science and for doing the computer science course afterwards. Now she is collecting her experiences to apply for the jobs like TCS or other companies……with that qualification she judged herself to be the literate and concerned about her so called status.

I felt sorry for being considered by her to be one illiterate person who might not afford to travel by the AC buses. I can say surely that my outfits can no be compared with those modern and up to date girls in Mumbai. I even can not be comfortable with that fashionable outfits or even may not look like those who are very much accustomed with them. Moreover my English speaking is also not good enough to argue with some one at any places straight away..….I can manage my English speaking efficiency in my seminars and Interviews only where I have to discuss only Mathematics…no matter what kind of conferences they are.

I became very upset in my whole journey….I thought that since I can not be in those Modern small sized outfits, the only way to get escaped from this sort of situations is to carry those bags and to be in those T-shirts where it is written very clearly as IIT, BOMBAY. Otherwise, there is no other way to show others that you are also literate.

Apart from believing the statement, “your behavior is your identity”…I also believe that it is not enough to go that way to maintain your self respect, some times it becomes necessary to carry your tag also to get the proper respect from others.

What do you think guys?????

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