The greatest slap I have ever seen in my life

22 Jun

It is a story as usually happened in my train journey. Mumbai Fast locals stop only for 28 seconds and Slow locals stop for only 7 seconds at every station. Fast local means it skips some stations in between and slow local means it stops at each and every station. So within that very short period of time, people have to both get in and get down of the trains. So if you are not standing systematically then you will not get any chances to get down from the train. People are standing in a queue inside the train so that it will be at ease for both the purposes.

Today’s morning Churchgate local was very crowded as usual. I was standing on the left side queue where every body was to get down in Andheri. I was standing comfortably in my way, though it was crowded, I could manage myself in making my place comfortable. Two girls were standing by my side who were gossiping with each other. They were so busy in talking that they created problems for others. They blocked the place for which people could not stand properly. They were asked several times also for standing properly so that the rest of the people could stand a bit comfortably. But they did not listen to any body.

The train became most crowded after Borivali. From Borivali to Andheri, it runs fast….…means it skips 4 stations. When we got down at Andheri, we saw that one lady gave one tight slap on the cheeks of the one, among the two who were making problems by blocking the place. The girl who got slapped did not understand what had happened to her. No body was expecting that situation, but that lady was looking for the chance to give a lesson to that girl for whom other’s problems did not matter a lot. I supported silently that lady for her brave step….other wise this type of people might dare to create problems every day for we people also.

Honestly speaking that was the greatest slap I have ever seen through my eyes.

So far I remember I also did this job once in my life also. The first slap I OFFERRED was to a boy who gave me one Love Letter at my 5th standard. After that, it was done on the school play ground, when I was in HS. That was caused due to the match loss with the 8th standard students. We lost the Kabaddi match….the match was between the boys. But on my loss, the girls were intentionally thrilling in front of us showing their victory. We lost our patience….we could not digest our loss by a very junior group. But suddenly I stood up and gave a tight slap to that girl who enjoyed the maximum at that time. But my slap created a big problem in the play ground. I was called by our Principal Sir. Later on every thing was settled down after digesting a long lecture by our Principal Sir on how to control my short temperament.

Those were in my teen age…..but very recently, just before my marriage, I became bound to give it again on one busy road in Guwahati. It was given to a rickshaw wala who charged a very high rate for the shortest distance and argued with me in his own slang language throwing the note on the road. It was obvious to lose the temperament for any body out there in facing that sort of situation, regardless he was short tempered or not. I lost my total control and gave him a tight slap taking the collar of his shirt which caught many people’s eyes including the police man presented out there. I handed over him to the police man and left the place.

On my road, I simply pray to God that may it be the last slap in my life. Whatever be the reason, I should not give such type of uncontrolled slap to some one…..should try to control myself and my hand also.


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6 responses to “The greatest slap I have ever seen in my life

  1. A Dream unthreatened by the morning light.............

    June 22, 2011 at 12:20 pm

    ohh my my.. u write wonderful no doubt i always read ur post.. but today couldnt resist to comment.. after reading all ur slap history.. losing temperament is not acceptable but i would really appreciate your bravery.. coz usually girls think of the consequences before they slap.. and sometimes even if it is required they dont do it due to social obligations.. u acted by ur instincts.. and did what was required then(except the playground situation).. and heres where girls lack courage most of the time… neways.. nice post

  2. Schoolboys

    June 24, 2011 at 12:01 pm

    Those slaps must have been extremely sexy. I wish I would have enjoyed your slaps.

  3. Abstraction Hierarchy

    June 25, 2011 at 5:43 am

    I hate you Stuti. You do not respect others. So you also do not deserve respect anyhow.

  4. Abstraction Hierarchy

    June 25, 2011 at 8:05 am

    After the school playground case, the Principal Sir must had restricated you from the school. Otherwise he should have forgiven you only after he had made you beg pardon from that little 8th class girl publicly in front of the whole school. You do not know to respect others. If you feared loosing the game then why did you even participated in that? In the field of knowledge, seniority and juniority does not matter. You are a research scholar. You must learn that age-hierarchy is clearly unwanted and irrelevant in the scholarly field. In fact you must honour younger persons because they have more potentials than you. If you don’t honour them then you are a very bad person. Even today you must feel guilty for misbehaving with that little girl. GOOD BUY FOREVER.

    • stuti ranjeet konwar

      June 25, 2011 at 11:05 am

      Thanks for your comments…I felt sorry about that little girl of my school…that’s why I can write the whole incident without any hesitation after a very big gap of it….


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