Skin therapy

17 Jun

I had never been to Kaya Skin Clinic before. But I had a curiosity about their service and the treatments they are providing to the customers. I thought that people would become more beautiful and fair by attending this sort of clinics. I thought that Kaya Skin Clinic people would not give much more importance to the common people like me after showing the interests to them also. That’s why, I planned to visit them once in my life time when I would have enough money to get myself under their treatment and would try a bit to make my face fair to some level.

That day, I visited their site and did not wait for a moment to register there when I saw that they were providing some free consultancy regarding some of the problems which I had to mention in the registration form. At my submission, they sent me one message to my mobile saying that their consultant would contact me within 72 hours of my registration. Honestly speaking, I did not expect their phone calls. But to my great surprise, they called me on the next day asking my queries about the Kaya Skin Clinic. I asked them frankly the different prices of their treatments including the permanent hair removing from the different parts of our body. The consultant told me that there were different categories of their treatments for which they had to test my skin type and hair type also. After those particular tests, they could suggest me which treatment would be suitable for me and my skin and hair. For that, I had to attend their clinic for that test which was totally free and they would also give me one free consultancy also regarding some other queries which I carried in my mind.

I took my appointment on my suitable date. When I told my junior about it, she also filled up the forms and accordingly she was also contacted by them. She took the appointment on the same date with me but half an hour before my time. We liked their service. They again got confirmed about our appointment by reminding us about it on the previous date and asked me to reschedule it also if we wished. Very unfortunately, we had to cancel our first appointment. We informed them and took another for it.

On the due date, we visited them. It is in the B G India Building, nearby the FabIndia Show room and Mother’s care show room, Hiranandani, Powai, Mumbai. Our impression was very high before our visit. We thought that Kaya Skin Clinic would be very much crowded by the customers since we heard about them to be very demanding. But surprisingly, we were the only customers on that day for whom they had been waiting from the morning. The receptionists asked us to fill up one more form mentioning our allergies, addictions etc. Then one Dermatologist received us to give the free LECTURE about the hair growth, about different types of skin and of course about KAYA.

From them, I simply came to know that Kaya Skin clinic is not a permanent solution for my queries. Whatever they suggested us was that after visiting them 6 to 8 months regularly for the treatments, I could simply reduce the growth of my body hair. According to them, there are no such treatments which can remove completely our body hair. Those can be reduced in growth, but can not be removed permanently. After that continuos 6 to 8 visits, our body hair will get reborn very thickly and very slowly. But still we have to visit them once they grow up in their way….but the visiting time may be reduced in numbers or the interval of our visits may be higher than before. But for me that is not the only solution….I visited Kaya Skin Clinic to get the full and final remedy of my regualr monthly visit to the beauty parlours. I thought that once my problem got solved then I had not to visit any beauty clinic regularly.

But after visiting them, I got the concept that my visiting procedure would be the same…but the venue would be changed. Instead of waxing, I have to do the laser ray in their clinics.

They suggested me to do some skin treatements also on my face. According to them, my skin is a normal skin which can be made very shining and can increase the glow on it also by applying those skin treatments on it. Finally we asked about the price list….their different prices are: Rs. 39,000/- (approx)for the laser therapy for full arms, Rs. 13,000/- for the suggested skin treatment on my face which will be completed after 6 to 8 visits in every months and weeks respectively.

They asked us from which date we would like to start our treatments…we simply said that we would inform them about our decision or would think for the second time about it. Then they suddenly gave us some offers which deducted the price of our treatments. When my friend told that it might be from the next month, they told us that that offer might not continue to the next month. Those offers were only for the current month.

Whatever be their offers, their treatments could not attract me any more. We planned to leave that place at the earliest. Really things are cleared to us when we landed on the field ourselves. We should not follow others on some circumstances and should try to avoid stepping their foot prints also.

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