It’s raining…

16 Jun

Once, Mr. Tarun Gogoi, the CM of Assam, said somewhere that it was not to be so much worried matter for the people of Assam about the flood, about the bomb blasts or other disturbances, since flood was also in Mumbai; bomb blast was also in London. His comparison got a bit controversial at that time raising the question that if comparison with the other big and developed cities came to the place then why it was with the flood and the bomb blasts only????

At that time, Mumbai was down with the flood due to the heavy rains. Before shifting here in Mumbai, the actual picture of the weather was not so much cleared to me. Every time I compared the weathers of other cities with the North East which is total mismatched actually. When I first landed in Mumbai in the month of December in 2007, my bag was full of warm cloths. Since in that month, Guwahati is quite pleasure with the down temperature. My friend suggested me not to bring so much of warm cloths, since the weather was comfortable enough to go out in a simple shirt. I could not get his point; actually I did not understand the atmosphere in Mumbai in the month of December. So we did not leave any place behind to bring our warm cloths, because once the rain would come, the temperature might get down also…we assumeed that way.

But, surprisingly, we had to be in the AC vehicles all the time to roam the Mumbai city comfortably in that visit. My newly bought warm cloths were returned back to the pavilion without a single touch.

In Mumbai, there are only two seasons….sunny and rainy. Here winter means rains which get started from the month of June up to October. Once the rain gets started, there will not be any chances to get stopped in this season. Similarly once the rain gets stopped there will be no scope of returning back it again at any cost. That’s why from the month of October-November, the temperature gets high and will be the highest before raining season. The rain becomes to be the most awaiting time for the people of Mumbai.

My friend Sarita got surprised to see our joy and excitement while it was raining…..because rain dropped heavily on that day. That was the 3rd of June…the beginning of our most waited raining. Last year it was the 7th June. We got relaxed from the unbearable rise of the temperature and dry weather on those days. Mumbai people always remember the first date of raining of every year…I think so.

Now, it’s raining in Mumbai. I could not imagine the importance of a rain in some one’ life before landing here. The way of people enjoying rains really touched me. It is very true that you will know the value of the things when you go through the crisis of it. We, the people of Assam, really lucky enough for the weather we are gifted by God.

Yesterday, I passed through a very heavy rain on my returning journey. My umbrella, my rain coat did not work a little in that heavy rain…I got completely wet. In that heavy rains also, Mumbai has no time to wait for any one. It runs its daily life as usual, naturally without a second thought, without a single stop for seconds. That’s why I also could not wait for the end of the rain, because it could not be said that when it would get stopped or slowed down or when it would come again. So I boarded on my bus…but it was non AC. AC buses are a bit comfortable for the journey in both the seasons…I generally prefer them.

Luckily I got one ladies reserved seat…the bus was crowded. We were passing through the floods in several places on my way…in front of the IIT main gate, Hiranandani Bus stoppage which is a very high profiled area, near by the Powai lake, L&T, Seepz, MIDC, Chakala and finally nearby the Andheri railway station. Crossing those areas, I recalled the controversial statement of the CM related to the Mumbai flood.

It’s true…Mumbai is also affected from the flood in rains. I have experienced it at quite a few places…worried about to visit some new places in rainy season also. But I must say that, those floods are just for few minutes. They are caused some times by the high tide of the sea or by the heavy rains. Once the rain gets stopped, the flood also disappears from the place at once. In those horrible situations, every thing goes on its own way.

Yesterday, I was astonished to see the rule followed by the bus driver in that situation also. At the Chakala bus stoppage, our bus stopped suddenly. Every body was rushing to the railway stations to get the destined Mumbai locals. In that situation, we got a bit irritated on the unnecessary stop of our bus. We heard that the driver was arguing with some one regarding some matter. When we came to know about it, every body started shouting on those persons who boarded on the bus from the front door which should be actually from the back door. Front door is meant for the exit and back door is meant for the entry. If the passengers boarded on the bus by the front door, then how the bus conductor could recognize them for collecting the fare. After all, that was not in the rule. So he stopped the bus until and unless the passengers were bound to get down from it.

I liked the attitude of the driver. I am saying it before also that Mumbai runs smoothly every day with the most crowded city image because of the rules followed by every one. Rules must be stricter in those situations to get rescued from the chaos.

Things should be followed by which are appreciable, which are benefited for the whole community. Every thing should not be compared with the unfair things of others…because it can be assumed that it is only to get escaped from the practical and current problems we are going through. Take the good things from other culture and avoid those which can not be accepted.

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