Gift (2)

15 Jun

We, the Tata sky subscribers can enjoy the Rang channel at 898. I generally prefer to enjoy the Assamese recipe programs including the Pakghar and Juhal….reason is that I can at least try our Assamese dishes whose ingredients are known to me.

Any way, on the last episode of Pakghar which I watched on the Rang channel, the guest was Jeemoni Choudhury, one of my favorite Assamese writers. She cooked two different dishes. This blog is not meant for her recipes. What attracted me was the Gift which was given to Jeemoni Choudhury by the Host of the program…it was a Ban Kahi (Assamese traditional plate with a stand at the bottom manufactured by bell-metal). Jeemoni Choudhury became very emotional receiving that gift saying that since gifts were got changed with the passing time, she became happy in receiving such type of traditional gift which became very rare in our society.

Exactly, gifts are really changing with the passing time….may be it require a new look to represent the modern society welcoming new thoughts which basically shades on the origin of our culture. Gifts can be the identity of your personality….gifts signify your thoughts also. Gift is such an object which we wish to give some one from the bottom of our heart. But at most of the places, we people have to gift some one without our wish calculating it within our budget. We have to attend some one’s marriage ceremony, some one’s birthday party, because those are our essential social visits. Regarding that matter, we have to give them some thing as a gift to show our well wishes. Those can not be actually named as Gifts….those are the most essential objects which should be given them to attend their function….otherwise you can not attend one ceremony without a packet wrapped with a colorful gift paper.

In some functions, gifts seem to be a matter of prestige, a matter of your status also. If you do not enter the venue with a big gift box, then it may raise a question on your status also….no matter what is there inside the box. If you do not give the big packet of your gift to the bride and bridegroom in front of the people presented out there, or in front of the camera men, then there may not be no proof of your gift for other people….no matter the bride may be your cousin or your very near family member also whom you can give your gift at any moment.

My cousin felt very awkward to attend his friend’s marriage ceremony because of the gift. He was going through severe financial crisis at that moment when he got informed about his friend’s ceremony. His friend was some one special for him whose marriage ceremony must had to be attended. But he had nothing to give him as a gift. He even could not give a second thought also for attending the ceremony as they had not met for years. Finally he decided to attend the ceremony without a gift to congratulate and to wish him best wishes for the new beginning of his life just by giving him a warm hug. But at the venue, he felt very awkward to see the arrangement of the program. He sat for several time to meet his friend, but could not get the chance in which he could hug his friend without the camera flashes. Finally he decided to step forward to meet his friend with his empty hand. He simply showed the empty hand to the camera men and then hugged his friend wishing him from the bottom of his heart!!!!

My nephew and niece are always complaining me for the gifts which they get from their grand mother that is from my mother. My mother always selects some books in great lines of great persons or some photo bindings of some great persons which can not be accepted by them any how at their birthdays. Actually they are not compared any more with the remote controlled car or helicopter or the ben ten stickers which are the most demanded by them at today’s date. I simply console them saying them they are at least gifted some objects by my mother at their birthdays; I get only the BLESSINGS from her on my birthdays which are free of cost.

But jokes apart, I appreciate those who gift me some thing from the bottom of their heart without adjusting their budget, regardless of the object of the gift. My husband gifted me in advance for my coming birthday which really touched my heart….that was one canvas board, one packet of oil colors, some brushes, pencils and papers to restart my habit in paintings.

Have you ever gifted some one which really touched some one’s heart????

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