Make others happy

11 Jun

The great Assamese writer Homen Borgohain mentioned in some of his writings that he had to take the meat of a DOG with his Naga friend one day. He did not know it before that his Naga friend had arranged one very special and delicious lunch only for him on his visit to that place. Though the Dog’s meat sounded very horrible for him, still he did not refuse to take it. Homen Borgohain mentioned that he took the Dog’s meat that day only to keep his word in taking the lunch with his Naga friend. The happiness shown on his Naga friend’s face satisfied him more than to keep his word. If his one bite on the Dog’s meat made some body so happy and satisfied then he would never step back to do so. But interestingly, after that lunch, he was severely suffered from vomiting on his return journey.

Exactly, some times we also have to do some thing very odd for other’s happiness without our wish, which satisfies us later on when we notice the charming face of some one on that happiness. I still remember that lunch which I took at some roadside restaurant with my friend which satisfied him so deeply that I could not forget that non-vegetarian lunch throughout my life. That was my friend, in fact one of the good friends of my college life, who promised me one treat for his achievement. But on that due day, he had not enough money to take one lunch at any fat restaurant. In fact he was not much rich who could offer some one a lunch at any restaurant. Still he managed it for me.

Accordingly, we went for that lunch. Our lunch was arranged at one road side restaurant near by the Revati, which is known as Nag kata Pukhuri, Panbazar, Guwahati. I got surprised to see that so called restaurant which had only one pair of bench desk for the customers. But surprisingly, the restaurant was very crowded; even some customers were on the queue also. So when our turn came, we sat for our grand lunch. My friend ordered two vegetarian thalis which contained some rice, dal and one sabji. He also ordered one boiled egg which was less priced than one omlette. We started our lunch. Since he was the regular customer of that restaurant, he knew every waiter (??) out there. He asked the waiter some mutton curry who was serving it. One waiter gave us some broken pieces of fish which could not be given to the customers.

Ultimately, we had one non vegetarian lunch with one boiled egg, some pieces of fish and some mutton curry without a single piece of it. My friend kept his word in offering me one complete non vegetarian lunch at that restaurant and that day I kept my word in taking that lunch at any place he would like to give me. That day, the satisfaction and happiness excelled on his face made me happier than the lunch we took at that road side two benched restaurant. Instead of my thanks, he thanked me in return for taking that grand lunch with him at that place where he never imagined to take with me. Covering my hesitation, I accepted his lunch offer only to make him happy.

Some times my friends also do not refuse my offers which they never wish to do. Some times we people are bound to do some thing for our near and dear ones opposite to our wish. Their delighted face and happiness really make us happy later on. It is really very good and honest in making others laugh, in making others happy some times by violating our own made rules, by giving up our adamant nature or by trying some thing very odd…. Then only our life can be considered to be the worthy of living.

Have you ever tried these sort of things in your life?????

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