A friend in need…….

10 Jun

My friend’s sister got married with a divorcée. His first marriage’s longevity was only for one month. Still he was a married person when my friend’s sister tied the knot with him……no matter how he was, how much he was settled in his life, how matured he was or how his family background was. Whatever might be the circumstances for which they had to tie the knot with each other, was very less concerned. The main part of the discussion of their marriage was that the bridegroom was a divorcée. Some flying news was even got multiplied that the bridegroom had a baby boy from his first wife also. Without judging the actual matter, people became busy in discussing their marriage to that level where they could scale up.

That marriage was done with full support from the both side and followed up the total customs of an Assamese marriage. Still it got criticized after several months also. My friend’s family members had to face the same repeated questions every day every where for which they got irritated afterwards. She told me that if it was possible then they would definitely call a press conference where they had to answer the questions for that particular day only.

After quite a few years, she had a baby boy. She arranged one fat party as her son’s Annaprashanna at some hotel. For this occasion, she invited all her friends, family members and also those people from her home town who were much more curious and doubtful about her marriage. But interestingly, this time no body was there to ask a single question about her son and about that grand party. If her mother tried to say some thing or try to show the photographs of her grand son, then no boy showed interest to spend some moment with them. No body seemed to be interested in visiting her place where she lives happily and luxuriously with her family. Surprisingly these people were once very much interested in discussing and criticizing them for that marriage.

When my father got expired, our very own family members clicked one complete reel covering the last rituals at the burial ground. The washed photographs were later on enjoyed by the family members and were given to my mother to memorize the pain of her loss. That time they did not hesitate to spend both the money and time from their own pocket. They repeatedly recollected those pathetic memories in front of my mother by which she could fell down.

After passing those hard situations, my mother got success in solving her all problems during her service life. Now she is a bit relaxed on her own way. But now no body has enough time to ask her about her daughters, about the achievements of her grand children or about her own life also.

When you are in your frustrated position, people get enough time and scope to discuss about you or to show their artificial sympathy to you. They come to you not to share the pain of your life, but to get relaxed themselves by the failure of your life. They come to you not to wipe up your tears, but to accelerate your tears only. They can say SORRY easily when you are depressed, but it will be very difficult for them to pronounce the word CONGRATULATION when you get achieved.

You will find enough people to share your pain, but you will get rare of them to share your success. Some times I do not want to believe that” a friend in need is a friend in deed”… fact at today’s date, it is very hard to find true friends to share your achievements whole heartedly.

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