08 Jun

Few years back, a very pathetic accident took place at some place in Assam. It was between a full crowded bus and some vehicle. The bus was filled with the people from the Bridegroom’s side who went for the marriage ceremony to be held at the Bride’s place. But very unfortunately, all the passengers of that bus were caused to death on that accident which took place on the way to the Bride’s house. Still, very luckily the Bridegroom was some how escaped from that accident. But he lose his family, his relatives and his friends who accompanied him for his marriage. At that time, the Bride would be considered to be the ominous of evil for the Bridegroom’s family. But interestingly, just after one year, that Bridegroom tied the knot with that Bride, whom he was supposed to before one year. At this situation, he might have several oppositions from the rest of his family members…but he became brave enough to step forward for that good cause and to rescue that girl.

Just few days back, the same accident repeated at another place….but this time unfortunately, the Bridegroom was also spotted death with the other people of his family. I appreciated the previous Bridegroom for taking the brave step to rescue the life of that girl who lose all her hopes to survive in this world. Because, in our society, we are broad minded for just to show off our high mentality. Those are our impractical thoughts which we carry all the time to deliver the high speeches in public forums.

Definitely this time, this girl will have to fight against her ominous impression to continue the rest of her life. But actually who is unlucky??? Who is ominous of evil????…..the girl who has to fight against the whole society to continue her life from the young stage or that Bridegroom who pushed her life to the hell at her young stage. If she is brave enough she can be existed, if not she has to quit her life also or has to accept all the complaints against her fortune.

This type of situation always marks a big question on my mind. I can not say confidently that how many widows are getting remarried in our society where we have been staying for years. But I can point put those people who tied another knot just after the expiry of his first wife….in fact my uncle tied the knot just after one month of my aunt’s expiry…reason was to take care of his child. But a widow has to take care of her children struggling the whole life alone.

My cousin lose her husband just after 5 years of their marriage….from that young stage of her life she had overcome all the obstacles arising on her path, some of which came naturally and some came unnecessarily, to bring up her two kids alone. But when her sister-in-law passed away after completing the 10th anniversary of their marriage, the family member rearranged happily another marriage for her brother to continue his life peacefully. These are the two contradictory decisions taken at the same family.

Widow Remarriage Act was passed in 1856 in British India prohibiting enforced widowhood which was again relocated as the Eighty first report of the Law Commission recommending the repeal of the previous act (refer

But can you point out confidently how many of widows are getting married in your family or in your neighborhood…. are you brave enough to tie the knot with that girl who lose her Bridegroom and his family on her way….how much you are supportive to that family who has stepped forward to enforce the society….

Acts has no meaning when they are in the pages of the Constitution of India only….they should have to be followed by none other than we people only.


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2 responses to “Accident

  1. Julie

    June 29, 2011 at 12:03 pm

    I fully appreciate your thoughts on widow remarriage..


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