Helping hand…..

02 Jun

Suddenly, I noticed the girl standing beside me, was rushing to the foot board. It was at today’s 9.36 am Andheri Local. She suffered from a severe vomiting. The train was crowded as usual. I could not get any hint of that girl’s troubled situation which she was suffering from the time of her boarding. Though it was crowded, still people helped her, without getting irritated. The train became more crowded when it crossed the stations….still she was given one seat to take rest. I was surprised to see that some of the girls were continuously nursing her till the last station of the train. I saluted those girls who did not hesitate for a single moment to serve one unknown girl in the crowed Mumbai local train with the temperature of 42 degree Celsius.

But in the same Mumbai, I faced one very horrible situation in the city bus also. I was sitting at the aisle side at the third row….suddenly the lady sitting at the window seat started scolding the girl who was vomiting, keeping her head outside the window. The vomiting was flown to the lady sitting by my side. But when she scolded the girl, the rest of the passengers protested against her, pointing tht girl’s illness. Still the lady kept scolding, saying that in that situation, “Ghar se bahar nahin aane ka!!!!”. Finally she stopped scolding, closing the window. That day also, I noticed the people who helped her offering their water bottles. The girls, sitting at her next, did not ignore her for a single moment.

I also got cared while traveling alone with a weak health. These are those cares which you can not demand from any one. If some body leaves neglecting you, you can not blame him. But when people offer their helping hand towards you in your sudden down health, some blessings and gratefulness will automatically come from your heart. You may not meet those people for the second time in your life, but still you will pray for them every time you recall that incident. These are really true and unselfish care for the community.

But still we can not expect every thing with our closed eyes. I know one family whose car was smashed in an accident nearby the Jokhalabandha, years back, while traveling from Sivasagar. All of them were placed at the open place pulling from the car by the local people. Two of them were dead at the spot. The young boy had the least sense till that time. But when he was placed nearby her mother, he noticed some thing very unbelievable at that time. After placing them at the open place, people started grabbing the valuable items from the car and from their body. They even did not hesitate to take away the branded costly shoes from his feet, the gold chain from his mother’s neck, the ear rings from her dead grand mother’s ear and all the valuable stuffs and cash. When they were admitted at the local hospital, they found themselves completely empty. After getting the sense, they could not blame one particular person for those dreadful activities. They simply thanked GOD and those people who at least brought them to the hospital. At that time, those valuable stuffs did not mean for them.

Some people offer their helping hand without any expectation in return. If you help some body, just forget it after your help. If you keep it in mind, then it means that you expect some thing in return from that person. Then it is not considered as your help…it is some thing you have given them with a selfish attitude. If you take some thing in return of your help, then it is one type of paid job which you have done for that person. In that case, the other person will not be grateful to you…..he will never pray for you, he will never think for a single moment to bless for your future.

What is the type of your helping hand……a completely forgotten help or some thing you always keep in your mind.

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