01 Jun

Without any hesitation, Dr Akashitora Saikia said it very frankly that she liked CONTROVERSY, in the Rang channel. Exactly…..for some people controversies enliven their life. Some people really want to be in controversies rather than to get relieved from it. Some times it is seen that people make the situation controversial themselves so that they can be focused in the society.

But on the contrary, controversies may destroy some one’s full fledged life also. Some people want to be in a peaceful life accepting every thing rather than to be in the controversial circle. The famous film maker Ashutosh Gowadiker said to Abhishek Bachchan that we people should not be that what the public judge about us. We should be what we are…no matter what the whole community have spoken about you. I also appreciate one more statement of this film maker that there are always three options in our life….surrender yourself for the controversies and accept them whatever people have said about you after quitting that place, secondly never be in the controversies and live peacefully without listening to your soul or thirdly live with those people and make your life again without compromising with the controversies. If you are brave enough then the same society may change their view points towards you one day. For that you should have the full courage and patience to keep your life’s foundation bold and strong.

For me, you are in controversies means you have some quality good or bad for which people like to discuss about you or people like to spend their time on you. You have that much of quality which impacts some one’s life….that’s why I think most of the people like to be in controversies, because once you are controversial means you will get recognized by the people to some level.

People get the scope to reform themselves when they are criticized. If the criticism is for the good enough then they can make their life again..but it depends solely on one’s personality. Some personality can continue their whole life with those controversies which give them the strength to face the upcoming life. For some one, controversies neither stop their heart beats nor raise the heart beats…in fact controversies make their life much more smoother than before for which they can at least know their surroundings.

At my childhood, we heard one incident which caused serious problem in one entire family for some unexpected controversies. The victim was one senior teacher who became quite controversial politically and got harassed in his later age by the students and the common people also. He was in fact recognized as the Enemy of the Society. That was the time of the Assam revolution, that was the time of the newly born students’ power who thought to recover the society, that was the time for the new generation who planned to build the society with the so called revolutionary power!!!!

This is not meant to discuss those period, for which many Assamese got betrayed after few years….now our generation got realized what horrible situation was passed once in our home land in the name of independence.

But from my view point, our teacher terribly got harassed both mentally and physically. Not only him, his whole family got criticized very pathetically. Later on every thing was normal…but that family could not be normal any more. They still carried the same pain in their heart and mind. Their children could not over come the controversies….could not tackle the situation. Whereas their contemporary friends became success in their own way forgetting every thing easily.

I do not know what people will say about me after reading this blog, who knew the incident….but I personally feel sorry for them who could get a high profile in their later ages.

My mother always suggests me that controversies should be treated as the dust which comes to every one’s life genuinely…but it is our choice whether we want to remove them straight away or to keep them on our body until they get more dangerous. Because coalesced dust would be more dangerous than the simple dust.

But I personally feel that….people generally throw stones to the ripe and sweet mangoes, not to the raw mangoes…..what do you say???


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2 responses to “Controversy

  1. ricky

    June 1, 2011 at 7:54 am

    Agree with you.


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