30 May

I spend my maximum time in talking in mobile….it is not a good habit. But I like to spend those moments in mobile which seem to be the irritating for me. The distance between the IIT, Bombay main gate and the Department of Mathematics is very irritating for me….you can not walk always this distance or you can not take one auto rickshaw also to cover this distance. It is neither the walking distance nor the auto rickshaw agrees to take you for that minimum distance. So it is better to walk rather than to get the negative replies of the auto rickshaws. While walking this distance, I always use my mobile to get relieved from this type of irritation.

I always talked to my mother once in a day…this is the only routine which I do not break till today. In fact this routine work becomes much more strict than before….now a days I use to call my mother many times in a day. Every body became a bit tensed at her retirement from the teaching job…but I was the only one who was happy at her retirement, because from that day I would get the sufficient time to talk with her. Now I can call her any time according to my wish. I have neither to follow her class timing nor have to wait till the school’s final bell.

My friend talked to her fiancée the maximum time over mobile. She had the record to talk with him for 4 hours continuously. She kept the mobile in charger and continued to talk with him for the highest time. She was even suggested not to talk in mobile while it was in charging…because the accidents due to the mobile phones were not rare at that time. We got the various news regarding the blast due to the mobile battery or the heavy injures caused by the blasts after receiving some unknown numbers. But fortunately my friend is still alive with her continuous mobile usage for the highest time and we do not get the chance to get injured by using mobile or receiving the unknown numbers.

But scientifically the maximum time mobile phone usage is not good for health….it may create problems in hearing or in the brain cells also. I feel so….because from few days, I am having some problems in using the mobile phones. Now, I am getting irritated using the mobile phones….I am having one severe headache which must be caused by the usage of the mobile at the highest rate…..I personally feel so.

I feel that the landline phones were better for we people….I still remember the first day when our landline phone connection was done at our home. But still I can not forget the usage of our INTERCOM and the main phone in our university life. In those days, the only way to communicate with the out side world was the one and only one Landline phone which was kept at the security gate. We, all the boarders, kept alert ourselves for the announcement of the security at every night….no matter whether it was exam time or normal time. Once the name of that particular boarder was announced, no body could stop her in receiving the phone. If some thing unexpected appeared on her way, it was definitely smashed away under her feet. The talking time was only for 5 minutes….in that short period of time every thing had to be explained in an abstract. It was not given enough time to read out the main course of the book of your daily life ….the security would give you the time only for the starters…your family or friend would understand what might be the main course in your menu!!!!!

But that was the charm of talking with your friends or family….we did not get enough time neither to cry in front of our parents nor to say few romantic lines to our beloved…..whatever we had to talk just for that fixed 5 minutes. My friend was having some unfair with her boy friend for several days. That day, she was about to quarrel with her boy friend….but when the actual point arrived, the security asked her to return the phone. She became so angry that she started scolding the security pointing that she was quarreling with her boy friend, not romancing with him. So the security should give her the sufficient time to scold her boy friend rather than to ask her for the phone.

Our university intercom definitely did the major role in every one’s life out there. Those who got benefited may recall those moments themselves. I simply remember those moments when the intercoms were kept busy in a queue at late nights. Some people waited for late nights to talk with their friends instead of being in that long queue. In between the fixed queue, some came in the middle excusing the discussions on some important notes which might come in the next day’s exam….some came excusing the STD calls which might come from her fiancée or parents who were out side Assam. But most of the time, those were not supported because once the intercom got disconnected then it would be the toughest to get connected again. So you should be in the queue if your friend stayed at the same hostel where your previous number’s friend stayed. That was the system we followed at our hostels.

We knew some people who listened the Guitar playing in the intercom, who did the romance over intercom, who copied the whole class note she was absent that day, who recited the newly written poems or article over intercom, who rehearsed the anchoring or singing over intercom and many more. We got lots of good news over it, lots of worst news also as the water supply or power supply would be cut off for the next few days, lots of informations, lots of cries, lots of happiness over it.

Still I must say that all of us had shared some moments with the intercom…which were quite enjoyable at that time.

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