27 May

I don’t know whether you people will believe it or not….but so far my information was concerned, it was a true story. At my childhood, I heard about a boy from Namrup, who was missing for quite a few days. His missing news was covered in all the news papers. But suddenly one day, he himself came to his house with the same health he had at the time of missing. There was nothing different in his health, but a strange and unbelievable attitude was noticed on him by his family members.

He explained the story from the very first day of his missing in front of his family. While playing at the play ground which was near by a forest, he heard some one’s voice calling him softly. Unknowingly he followed that voice and found one very beautiful girl in the midst of the forest. She was an ANGEL who took him to her land where her friends lived. In between those Angels, he was given the Royal reception. He could not understand how much time had passed away. He forgot all those which he had outside that Angel’s world.

But the Angel herself reminded him about his actual existing world and left him at that place from where he was taken. With that high majestic reception, his health was not even slightly changed.

But he noticed that his Angel experience was not taken to be believable by his family. They treated his story as the symptom of mental disastrous, nothing else.

I heard some more Angel stories where the boys suffered a lot. In some one’s case, they came to his dream repeatedly whom he started searching every where and when he could not find them in the real world, became depressed himself.

I read one such type of story in a story book of Anuradha Sharma Pujari, my all time favorite and respected Assamese writer. There she was explained one story about this concept…but it was not about the Angel, but about the Witch whom they experienced at their locality.

It was known to every one that there was a Witch in the forest which was at the edge of their boundary. Some people had the experience of meeting that Witch at the forest area. She was very horrible in looking….her one eye was at the mid of the eye brows, lots of fingers were there at the place of hair, ears were as the elephant’s ears size etc etc. That boy was also experienced with that Witch while they were playing in the forest area. But he had been noticing that her mother always went to the forest silently at one particular time. But no body knew about that. He also did not ask her about her suspected visit to the forest.

But one day, the military force came to their village in the time of President’s rule over Assam. They were scattered in the whole area including that forest also. They never afraid of any thing….so when people told them about the Witch who was living in the core of the forest for several years, they simply did not believe it. It was obvious. Anuradha Sharma Pujari also did not believe that story and did not even want to waste her valuable time in listening to that Stupid Witch story.

But one day, the military force attacked some thing in the forest….that Witch was shot dead in the forest. She was a human being….after her death the whole village people came to see her through their eyes in which they had a very terrific concept. She was really horrible in that look.

But the boy noticed that his mother cried a lot at the death of that Witch saying that why she was killed by them. She was living peacefully in the forest without harming any one. After her death also, his mother kept visiting the forest regularly, but this time with a plate of rice and one chilly….saying that the Witch’s soul would take them.

That Witch was none other than his sister at whose birth his mother was insisted to kill her for her horrible look. They though that it was the symbol of ruinous in their village. But a mother is always a mother….no matter whether she gives birth a Prince or a Devil. She could not kill her daughter but kept her in the core of the forest. She had grown up day by day with the silent help of her mother and was considered to be the Witch by the village people.

I explained the Angel story to my friend Kumud whom I met on the way to the University gate for the evening tea. That day Kumud was supposed to take the evening tea with her friends….but the story became so lengthy and interesting that he forgot his evening plan and had the tea with me at the Hasim da’s stall and returned back to the hostel without meeting his friends who were waiting for him at the Narayani Dhaba for several hours. I suggested Kumud not to follow such type of strange sounds. They might be the Angels who might take him away to their unknown world.

At our hostel gate, he suddenly reminded his friends and regretted for forgetting the meeting which was fixed before only because of my long Angel story. Ultimately he commented that there need not be any other Angel in this world where people like me existed….since that day he was fenced in that unknown world by none other than an Angel in the appearance of me!!!!!

NB. Dedicated to my friend Kumud Das.

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  1. Kumud Das

    May 27, 2011 at 3:44 pm

    Really, I always remember those University days, Thanks for writing such a nice thought. Thank you Angel


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