This is life….

26 May

People will know about their knowledge, when they keep studying. Without studying, people can not get the proper idea of their intelligence. Those who think of themselves to be the most brilliant one, are in fact the most dull person in this world. Because until and unless we study, we can not get the proper idea about our knowledge. Similarly those who think others to be fool are actually themselves fool.

My room mate cum sister Manjita’s mother often told her that if you had nothing to study meant you knew nothing about that subject. The more you study means the more you will know how less you had the knowledge about that subject. It is completely true.

I often tell my niece that it is not important to get the rank one in her school….how much she can compete with others outside her school or outside her place is much more important. Because in future she has to compete with the whole world to survive, not within her school.

In most of the seminars, the speakers are hardly asked any questions by any one….may be with the feelings that his question would be the most easiest and silliest question in that seminar. If the speaker will not be asked by any one, then it can be assumed that the whole audience have understood the talk completely for which nothing to be known in extra or the whole audience understand nothing for which they can not ask a single question!!!!

If you ask some thing to your friend…it may be the most easiest question also….you should never be judged by that. To get judged by your intelligence, it is not required to avoid asking some questions to some one which you really don’t know or which is also important to get known . It may not mean that if you ask some thing to some one, then you will be considered as the less shining person in this world. For this fear only, students hesitate to ask questions in the class rooms if they have some problems also. They think that if they ask that question then their merit will be recognized to be as the lower level merit.

This concepts should be removed from the class rooms, from the society, from your surroundings also.

If we share our knowledge with others, then only we can know how much we did not know about it before or how much we have our own place on it. Your merit is exclusively yours…it can not be snatched away by any one.

It is not important that you should maintain your own level of status with your friends who were there with you from the beginning….not important to show your stardom in front of the people of your home place. If you behave free and frankly with your friends and near and dear ones, then it will not create a question in their mind about the success you achieved.

At my home town, I often met some people who had a question in their mind about my on going works, because I speak to every one very friendly without any complexities in my mind. According to them, people can not be so friendly to every one after getting one good position in their lives. I personally know some people of my home town who hesitate to speak others for their so called maintained status.

My mother always refers me that the tree which has less fruits stands straight in the ground….but that tree which has loads of fruits itself automatically gets down to earth…..this is the nature of the universe….this is life.

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