Bihu Function

22 May

Bihu functions are still going on at different places of Assam….though the next month of the Bohag month has already begun before few days back. But it is our Assamese culture which can be celebrated throughout the year….no matter in which name you are celebrating it. Now it’s the time to Bohagi Biday….so people are busy with different cultural programs organized in connection to the Bihu festival.

Yesterday, we watched the live telecast of the Bihu function at Nagaon where the famous Bollywood singer Abhijit performed. He was felicitated by lots of Gamusa (Assamese traditional cloth used from the house hold jobs to the high esteemed one, the symbol of showing respect to the elder one), one Xharai (prominent Assamese symbolic element made of traditional bell-metal and brass crafts), one Japi (traditional Assamese hat) and one Flower bouquet. He thanked the people of Nagaon for the love and affection showed to him by the GASIMA (he pronounced it that way) and wished he could come to Nagaon again to perform at the Stage programs. I liked the way he treated our most respected Gamusa by keeping the 10 -12 Gamusa on his neck after the felicitation got over. I watched three songs after that up to which he kept the Gamusa on his neck which our local so called Assamese artist did not do. I noticed most of our Artists removed the Gamusa from his neck just after the felicitation and even forgot about it which he kept it on any instrument he brought to the stage. Obviously we may not respect our own culture, because it is ours!!!

Gamosa and Japi

Any way, yesterday, while watching that program, I recalled my most ecstatic Bihu function which I could not forget any how in my life. It was almost 10 years back story when I went to enjoy the Bihu function with my friends at night. Bihu functions are getting more excited when the night becomes later…because at the late night the original invited Artist will land at the stages which is repeatedly announced before several hours. That increases the total excitement of the audience and the function seems to be more interesting with the passing time.

Assamese Bihu dancers with Japi

At that Bihu function, the first two three programs had only gone….there were still more excited programs to be performed. But suddenly the storm hit the complete arrangement…..which was showing the symptoms clearly before its arrival. But people were ignoring it because of their core attachment with the on going performances at the stage. We also did not notice the lightening and the thunderings as we enjoyed the function. We hoped that the Sub Divisional Officer and the other administrative personalities presented out there might do some thing if there would be any problem.

But interestingly, when the storm hit the arrangement, they were the first people to quit the place!!!!

Any way, we started running with the crowd to escape from the heavy storm. The complete arrangement got smashed within minutes. We, all the people rushing to the school campus to save our lives. After quite several hours, the storm got stopped. But till then, the atmosphere got tensed badly, especially at our home. Because no body knew where we were at that time…..every where every body started searching their relatives and friends. Finally we reached home with my cousin and that day, my mother asked me not to attend any Bihu function further up to that level where it became a question of our life.

But the Bihu function was of two days program. Next day, the program again continued, but this time with an open stage. Because in that short period of time, the arrangement could not be done, so the Bihu program continued with that open stage.

I can still feel the charm of that Bihu function where we could not realize what might happen to us if we delayed a few minutes.

Really Bihu functions have their own charm…those who get the experience can feel its charm….others not.

Xarai ( Xafura)

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  1. jitu roy

    April 17, 2014 at 7:26 am

    happy bihu


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