Fairly conservative

20 May

I am carrying a fairly conservative personality…means I do not oppose all the trends and styles of a modern life…still I like to follow some of the customs which should be in one’s personality. I am open minded…but do not like to be open upto that level where people may get the chances to criticize my activities. In simple language, I am a conservative girl with a balanced modern and prehistoric mentality.

Our marriage following the Chaklong custom

I got ready to tie the knot with some one whom I did not know in advance. Whatever I came to know about that person was exclusively from the versions of my trusted friends. Our marriage got finalized. But before few days of my marriage, I got a call from my friend who knew my would be husband to some extent. He referred some of the photographs which were in some one’s album in a social network site. Those photographs were taken at some get together where my would be husband was also there with a filled glass of wine. I could not see that because that particular person was not in my friend list. But my friend sent the photographs to my account pointing the drunk look of my would be husband. This caused me a serious mental dilemma at that time. I could not take the proper impression of a person who had been staying in Mumbai for several years. I even could not get any idea about his life style in Mumbai, could not imagine his friend circle with whom I also had to adjust myself.

In this situation, when my friend pointed out those photographs, my mental situation became shakier. Just few days before my marriage, when every thing got arranged in its way, I had no other option rather than to step forward to a completely new and surprised life in Mumbai. Ultimately I sat at my marriage with lots of unknown questions, lots of unspoken words….every thing I let it be on my luck.

But after my marriage, I got the answers of all my questions and doubts which ruled my mind. I met his friends who were their in the get together and the guy also who uploaded the photographs in his social network account. Later on, we had many get togethers, many parties and many outings. Now, I don’t have any problem with my husband and with his friend circle also, which really bounded me to think for the next thought of my life.

When I told my husband the whole episode, he simply suggested me that we should be quiet when we have no words to speak out rather than to sound the unfair words about any one. Still I feel that we should not treat the social networking site so casually so that it hampers some one’s life. Try to share those things against which no one can say a single word…because your one press at the ENTER button may cause serious problems to some one.

In this world, every body may not be your well wisher…like my friend who did not hesitate to share my husband’s photographs with me just few days before my marriage….and every body may not be simple enough to judge all the things so casually.


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2 responses to “Fairly conservative

  1. yadab das

    May 21, 2011 at 1:36 am

    I liked this post! Sometimes information without context creates prejudice. we all have doubts and as we clear the air, life moves on.


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